Monday, August 31, 2015

Elder Gomez played guitar, while I sang.

Something that I forgot to mention last week was how awesome our Relief Society president is.  She went to San Pedro Sula on a trip and while she was there, she found and met Elder Gomez´s family and then she brought him a package from them.  The perks of living close to home while on your mission. 

So we had two intercambios this week.  One with the zone leaders and one with the district leader.  On Wednesday I went with Elder Andrews (zone leader) in his area. It´s not that big, but way bigger than my area.  His area is on the border of the mission. There is a river and a bridge that if you cross it, you are in Mission Honduras Tegucigalpa.  We crossed it.  But just to go drop a bag of garbage in the dumpster. haha.  When we were in the middle of the bridge I kept saying that we were in mission limbo!  Elder Andrews is really great.  He is from Montana.  Dad you were just there! haha.  He lives about an hour south of Kalispell (I think),  Anyway he lives close to Kalispell.  Maybe in the same stake as Paul and Kim. 

On Friday we had double intercambios with Elder Wickel and Elder Salazar.  Elder Salazar came with me after our district meeting until about 7pm when we traded and Elder Wickel came to Sorzales because we had the baptismal interview for Bryan.  We had some really good lessons, especially with Bryan C, (Other Bryan, we actually have FOUR investigators named Bryan so it gets a little confusing sometimes. haha).  He was a contact that we found tracting and he has always been super receptive.  He was super interested in the Book of Mormon and had lots of questions.  Then he was shocked that we were just going to give him a copy for free! haha.  Hopefully he reads it! 

Hermana Daisy, a member, had a returned missionary visiting with her and her family.  He baptized them and returned to visit them.  He wanted to meet Elder Gomez because he too is from San Pedro Sula, and served his mission in Comayaguela.  Then he told us that he was mission companions with the grandson of Gordon B Hinkley!!  Yeah he served in my mission. haha. 

Our ward had a talent show and we wanted to participate.  We borrowed a guitar from a member and Elder Gomez played while I sang.  haha.  It was really fun, the youth had a whole bunch of little plays and dances and it was really great.  Elder Gomez is actually really good at the guitar.  It was cool to have the guitar in the apartment all week and he would play in the evenings. 

Most importantly we had the baptism of Bryan!  After working so much with him and all the opposition we faced to have lessons with him, we finally made it happen.  He is such a great guy and will definitely be a great leader in the church in the future.  We had the baptism scheduled for 5pm but it didn´t really start till 6:20pm (but this is pretty normal here).  It was a really great, simple, service and then we had the talent show right after, which he participated in too with the other single adults. 

Another great week, and a lot of potential to come in the next month (wow which begins tomorrow!!!)

- Elder Burnham

Intercambios Selfie with Elder Wickel ... notice the cool knot in my tie!

Bryan's Baptism

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