Monday, August 3, 2015

pioneers and pupusas

Each week just goes by so fast.  Every Tuesday night at 6:00 we try to
have some kind of activity planned, un noche de hermanamiento, and 
invite all the members and our investigators. We plan with the Hermanas 
in Zambrano as well.  Last Tuesday we had an activity to celebrate the 
Pioneers! Whoo! haha.  The hermanas had a little message prepared from 
the Liahona, and then we had some members act out little stories about 
pioneers.  I acted out a little dialogue about Brigham Young.  It was super 
fun.  Then we had a video from that talks about how we can be 
modern pioneers.  

Elder Alvarado and I were out teaching in La Divina and we ran into a 
whole bunch a gringos from Seattle for a mission trip for their church. 
haha.  They were helping build walls for a church/school in La Divina 
(But one of them said they were really getting in the way of the actual 
workers, haha).  It was kinda super weird for me to have a normal 
conversation in English.  I kept wanting to go back into Spanish.  I would 
start speaking back to them in Spanish mid sentence haha.  It was also a 
good opportunity for Elder Alvarado to practice his English.  

On Saturday, we helped Danny and Sandra (she is a recent convert) sell 
pupusas.  We still needed to raise a little more money to pay off the wedding.  
Elder Alvarado helped Danny make the pupusas and then we went and 
delivered them to the members of the branch who made orders.  So we 
basically walked ALL over Zambrano that day. 

Nothing too crazy this week but still great.  

- Elder Burnham

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