Monday, May 23, 2016

Mini Coopers Yaaaaa

This week it's mostly just Mini Coopers

She read the whole Book of Mormon 5-1-20/16


President gave us permission to go to the temple on Saturday.  We wanted to get there early because Saturdays are busy.  We wanted to go to the 6:00am session but we didn´t end up getting there in time so we decided to go to the session at 8:00.  But that one ended up filling up.  But we were lucky and got in to that season because the son-in-law of a member in our ward hooked us up! haha.  We also got to help out with other things while we were waiting.  It was a really good visit.  God really knows how to respond to our prayers and gives us the answers we need when we go to the temple.  It was also really cool because I ran into some members from my last two areas.  Two members from Sorzales were working in the temple and the branch in Zambrano had a temple trip.  So that was really cool!  I always like hearing about how the people in my old areas are doing.  

We wanted to have Robelio get baptized this last Saturday, but he is still having some problems with the word of wisdom.  But we will help him out with that.  He ended up going down south to visit his family, so hopefully he is not gone too long.  

Jina gave us some great news!  Her oldest son wants to come back to church again.  Jeremy had been the rebellious 19 year-old, but he has had a change.  Jina told us that he walked all the way to church and then the guards didn´t let him in!  (Our church building is inside a gated community with some strict and rude security guards).  He hasn't been to church in about two months, so that was good to hear.      

Jina also gave us a reference about two months ago (the mom of an old investigator), but we were never able to contact her because she was in the hospital for a while.  Someone gave her a Book of Mormon while she was there and Jina gave her a gospel principals book.  We went to go contact her and we asked her if she had been reading the Book of Mormon, and she told us, "Yeah I read it,"  And then I asked, "the whole thing?" And then she said, "Yes, it is a very great book"  Elder Dunn and I just kind of looked at each other.  She had read the ENTIRE Book of Mormon when she was in the hospital and then when she was recuperating in her home.  She also told us she had been studying the Bible and the gospel principles book.  I´ll let you know how it goes, but it sounds like a golden investigator! 

All you moms have a great mother´s day this Sunday!

- Elder Burnham

Staying in the office with a new companion 4-2-2016

Hello!  Last Saturday, we got to go and help out at a "marathon."  It was only like three miles.  But it was a big church activity with all the stakes from our mission within Tegucigalpa.  We got to hand out water to the runners and pick up garbage and stuff, so it was like a little service activity.  

For like the last week and a half, we have had some really bad air quality.  I think there have been some fires in the forests nearby and the sky has been hazy-white for a really long time.

We had transfers in the mission this week.  I get to stay in the office for another transfer, but my comp and Elder Bingham are leaving.  They both get to stay this week in the office to train the new secretaries.  Elder Dunn, my new companion, came on Monday.  He is from Arizona and is really cool, a good teacher.  This should be a really good transfer.  Elder Storrs (We were in the MTC at the same time) is also a new secretary in the office.  

The new missionaries were supposed to come on Monday morning at 8:00am but their flight got cancelled.  They ended up getting here on a different flight at around 6:00pm.  So that kind of threw out all the plans to have to new missionary meetings that day. haha.  The new elders ended up staying at our house. Then on Wednesday we had to go drop off missionaries at the airport and the travel agent for the church always like to schedule the flights for we had to get up pretty early. 

I was not impressed with immigration this week.  When one of the new missionaries came on Monday, they did NOT stamp her passport...We did not have physical proof that she entered this country legally.  She was on the system on the computer, but we had to go back to immigration so she could get her stamp.  We would not be able to start her residency process without it.  And so we sat around for a few hours waiting for people to get off their lunch breaks and get us a stamp.  That was fun.  

Robelio has been progressing really fast, if everything goes well and if he doesn't have to go out of town, he should get baptized this weekend!  

This week was super busy and I am trying to remember all that happened, but I think that this is all I am going to write for now.  


- Elder Burnham