Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Training in the City

So about an hour after I wrote last week´s email, I found out that 
not only am I training, but we are opening an area!  Then on 
Tuesday I found out that I am going to serve in Tegucigalpa!  
Then I eventually found out who I would be training.  My new 
companion, (my son) is Elder Gomez.  He is from San Pedro Sula, 
Honduras.  He lives about four hours away, haha.  He is from 
Mission Honduras San Pedro Sula West and is serving in Mission 
Honduras Comayaguela.  ¡Que Loco!  He is really great, and 
determined to work.  Since he is from Honduras, he can really 
communicate and relate to the people here.  He is only 18 years 
old, (maybe the youngest missionary in the mission, haha).  It's a 
little different to be training, especially having to study SO MUCH 
in the mornings, but I feel like I am learning more than my comp.  

We opened an area in Zorsales, a neighborhood in Tegucigalpa 
that is pretty close to the airport. We are also only 20 minutes 
away from the Temple.  We had the transfers meeting, then we 
had to take a taxi to our area.  It is a really small area.  We are also 
serving in a Ward! My first area in the city, and my first ward.  
We also have this magical thing called a food calendar!  We are 
actually getting fed by members!  We basically have lunch and 
dinner provided for us almost every day.  This is something that 
I will have to get used to! haha.  But it is also a really good way to 
get to know the members in the ward because we came not knowing 
anyone!  The elders before us left us some references as well as the 
youth in the ward.  The youth in this ward are super great and are 
always coming out with us to teach and giving us references.  Since 
the area is super small, contacting just is not very productive.  The 
members were able to show us around the area as well.  

We live in a normal apartment instead of a giant empty house, which 
I really like a lot better.  The only problem is that we only have running 
 water every three days, haha.  But, we have a pila to fill with water and 
when there is no running water, we can take bucket showers. whooo!  
We live on the first floor of a three story apartment building.  Super 
different, super noisy!  All the noises of the city that I am not used to.  

Elder Wickel, from my district in the CCM is also my District Leader!  

This was a really good week, a lot of changes, and a lot of work.  I think 
that these next 12 weeks will be really great.  We will learn a lot.  

- Elder Burnham


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