Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Whoop! Another week gone! (9-7-15)

Whoop! Another week gone! I feel like I have lost my concept of time haha.  This
was a pretty good week, but at the same time, I don´t feel like that much happened.

The other day, I realized that I went half the day without my mission plaque.  haha. 
We walked out of a lesson and I was like ¨Oh, I don´t have my name tag.  I forgot 
to put it on that day. haha.  We went back to the house and it was still sitting on the
shelf. whoops.  

We got some rain this week as well.  Mainly in the evenings.  I got to use my
raincoat! whoo! haha.  It was actually really nice because it has been really hot
here for the last few weeks.  

We have been really working with two investigators, Ortencia and her daughter
Wendy.  Wendy´s brother Michael is a member.  Ortencia has been asking us to
help her with her son to stay on a good path in life.  Her husband passed away a
little over a year ago, and soon after her other son passed away as a result of
depression and alcoholism, so this family has gone through A LOT.  We have
been focusing on the importance of family in relation to the plan of salvation.
And helping them strengthen their family relationships.  Right now we are trying
to get all of them to go to church together.  Yesterday Wendy and Michael both
came!  We are seeing progress little by little with this family.  

We only have one more week in this transfer, that means we are almost half way
done with training. Wow!  We have a lot of work to do in this area, and a lot of

- Elder Burnham

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