Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Rain in Semana Santa?

Hello!  I hope you all have been enjoying Semana Santa (Holy Week or just Easter, I guess)  This is always an interesting time of year because everyone just kind of disappears.  People go out to the pueblos to visit family or go to the coast up north or down south for vacations.  Everything will be kind of closed Thursday through Friday, so that will be interesting to see how the office work functions in the city.  It also must be a time of the year when people do stupid stuff because all of the sudden people show up on the sides of the streets selling fire extinguishers and those traffic triangle reflector things.  

This time of year is known to be very HOT and dry, but for some reason we have been getting a lot of rain, which has been really nice.  On Sunday it was really hot, and then on Monday it was POURING rain.  Yay!  It also makes good conditions for rainbows.  Yesterday we saw this full fluorescent double rainbow!  "Double rainbow all the way across the sky!"

On Saturday, we ran by the distribution center by the temple and I ran into a member from Sorzales and also Elder Gomez´s MOM! Haha.  Their ward seems to always have trips to the temple from San Pedro Sula.  Now I have met both his mom and his dad.  Now I just need to meet his siblings. haha.  

On Saturday we had the baptism for Geancarlo and an investigator of the other elders.  It is a goal of mine to have a baptismal service that actually starts on time sometime on my mission.  haha.  We were supposed to start at 5, but didn't actually get going until 6.  I guess that is Honduran standard time.  But the service went really well.  Geancarlo´s brother and aunt are members, but his parents are not, so it was cool to see his mom show up.  Some of the primary kids came and had a little song prepared too, so that was fun.  He is a really intelligent kid and was so happy that night. 

So we ended up finding a reference through the Referal Manager. I never thought I would ever have a Salt Lake reference from the computer, haha.  We realized that the reference was received in February (whoops), but we decided to go contact him.  I was surprised we were able to even find him.  According to the reference, his mom lives in the USA and requested the missionaries to go visit her son.  But when we got there, he told us he had no idea that we were coming and that his mom said nothing about it.  But is was true that she lives in the States.  He was really cool, and has two younger brothers.  We taught them simply about Christ and the importance of keeping His commandments.  We will see how that progresses. 

If you haven´t yet, go check out https://www.mormon.org/easter

Have a great week and a great Easter weekend!  Christ lives!

- Elder Burnham
Hello!  I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!  Because of Semana Santa, most people had work off Thursday-Sunday, so the city was a ghost town.  Everything kind of shuts down and you end up not being able to get much work done.  Then we decided to go take pictures on the roof of our building! haha

We also went to go see one of the coolest things that they do here for Semana Santa which are las alfombras (carpets)!  Basically, the people get a ton of sawdust and sand and dye it different colors and make cool designs in the street.  They spray it with water to make sure it doesn't blow away in the wind. One on the coolest things I have seen in Honduras.  Some people got really creative with their designs.  

This weekend we helped a lot of elders move houses.  That is what happens when my companion is in charge of housing contracts and we have a truck to help people move. haha.

I really like the Easter season because we get to focus our lessons on Christ and His atonement. We would read scriptures from Luke and Alma and how they teach about the His suffering and resurrection, and all the peace and joy we can receive though His atonement.   

We were all pumped up to have a lot of people in church on Sunday, but it was pretty empty.  The attendance was about half the norm.  I guess people were still on vacations.  But this week was really good for finding new people to teach.  We have been working in less explored parts of our area and seeing lots of small miracles.  

General Conference is this weekend!  Make sure to watch it and be inspired!

Have a great week!

- Elder Burnham