Monday, March 30, 2015

Just Me With a Coconut in a Hammock

We had a baptism on Friday!  Our investigator Maria I think was one of my first ¨golden investigators". We found her through a reference to go visit this member Francisco.  He was only 14 years old and he and his brother were baptized when they were living in El Salvador.  Maria is their mother and we began teaching her.  She was already familiar with the church through her sons.  She is really funny and had no problems with any of the lessons. She didn't even drink coffee which was pretty surprising.  haha.  On Friday I had the opportunity to do the baptismal ordinance.  I was kind of nervous because I had never done it before.  But everything went great, except she got locked out of the bathroom after the baptism and had to wait a few minutes for someone to unlock the door while sopping wet.  But, hey, that will make her baptism even more memorable. haha.  But it was really a wonderful service. 

On Saturday we had a zone activity because have transfers this week.  We ended up celebrating the March birthdays with a cake and a pinata.  Fun stuff!  Mom! I got the package! Apparently it had been sitting in the apartment of the zone leaders for a few weeks.  haha oops.  But that means that packages can make it here! On Sunday, Elder Wendt and I sang a musical number in sacrament meeting.  We kind of formed our own arrangement of Lead Kindly Light (Divina Luz).  It was really fun. 

Transfers! Cambios!  We found out who is leaving and who is staying, but we don´t know where they are going or who is replacing them yet.  Elder Torres is leaving me! Which means I am staying in Catacamas for another 6 weeks. Hopefully I can function properly without my trainer.  haha.  Tomorrow I will find out who my new comp is.  Crazy Stuff. 

Great week!  Happy Easter!  Happy General Conference! 

- Elder Burnham 

Just Me With a Coconut in a Hammock

Confetti and Cake


Maria and her two sons

Pretty Sky

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One more week of training, ¡que loco! We will see what happens in the next transfer.

Another pretty good week here in Catacamas.  Last P-Day we went back to see the Iguanas and other animals because why not? The zone leaders and Hermana Fornos hadn't been there before. 

This week was also the week of divisiones and intercambios.  On Tuesday evening, we had divisiones with some members in the ward, so I was out teaching with Oscar J.  He doesn't  talk much so I basically had to do a lot more than I was used to.  We went and taught our investigator Maria about tithing, and I am so grateful for the pamphlets on the lessons. haha   I was able to refer to them when I didn't quite know how to say something in Spanish.  

On Wednesday we had intercambios, so I was with Elder Dial (the district leader).  It was a really fun day. The bad thing about not having Elder Torres with me is that I get so lost.  We probably spent more time walking around than normal.  I think I know my area, but then I am just so turned around without Elder Torres.  We were able to make it to most of our lessons okay though. 

Then on Thursday afternoon, we had divisiones again.  I was with Presidente Galindo (member of the branch presidency) and I went out with him to do his orientacion familiar (home teaching).  We were able to go visit with some of the less active members in the branch.

Saturday morning we had a really good companionship study about the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost is so important in every single aspect of missionary work and we need to make sure that we always have it with us. We went and taught Maria again this Saturday about the word of wisdom, and ended up helping her chop a ton a vegetables (how great the timing for this lesson)  We also confirmed her baptismal date (this Friday whoo!)  

Yesterday kinda sucked.  I was a bit sick all day.  I was still able to function and go to church, but my stomach ached and I was a little nauseous.  I just made sure not to overdo it yesterday, but I am feeling a lot better today.  I think it might have been something that I ate on Saturday.  

Oh, I also only have one more week of training, ¡que loco! We will see what happens in the next transfer.

We are actually in Juticalpa right now.  We are having an elder's zone p-day because all the hermanas in the mission are in Tegucigalpa for some special activity.  

¡Espero que uds tuvieron una buena semana! Adios

- Elder Burnham

 Honestly this was torture as a missionary, haha.  Don't worry, I didn't go swimming

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

¡Buenas Dias, Tardes, o Noches!

¡Buenas Dias, Tardes, o Noches!

Another good week here in Catacamas! I am getting close to the end of my training!  We started week 11 today of my 12 week training!  Time has gone by so fast.  Week 11 also means that I am in charge of all daily and weekly planning, as well as all the lessons!  We we will see how that goes,  I think this week will be a true test of how well I know Spanish! haha.  

On Wednesday we went to Tegucigalpa for the second meeting for new missionaries.  We went over the mission manual and a lot of the rules that are not listed in the manual. For example, we are not supposed to drink water given to us in the homes of investigators or members. haha.  A lot of other information about following the daily schedule and process for weekly planning.  I also got to see the missionaries from my district in the CCM!  

We climbed up to the cross on Saturday morning again (those who were not in our district the last time we went wanted to go).  On Sunday we had a district conference (basically the same thing as stake conference) so the two branches in Catacamas and Juticalpa met together. They had buses come around town and pick everyone up and bring them to the meeting.  We had the meeting at a hotel with a large conference space so we could fit everyone.  President and Hermana Fortuna came and spoke along with some of the local leaders.  

Sounds like you all had a fun time with Curtis.

Thanks for the music and recipes!  We will see what ingredients I can get here.  

I haven't gotten the package yet, but I got another letter from Sister Erskine.  What I think she does is that she writes a little short personal message, but then sends the same general message to all the Zion choir missionaries.  

In her letter she said that the Gills sold their bed and breakfast in Clearlake, but the stake president is adamant that Zion returns and performs, so the members are going to host small groups of the choir in their houses. Sister Erskine arranged for a bus to drive the choir up there.   They will meet at a park on the lake and have a bbq and boating activities.  Then the next day they will perform.  So it will be different, but I hope they have a fun time.  

I love you all so much! have a great week!

¡Feliz Dia!


- Elder Burnham
Kitten climbed up on my leg and then fell asleep

District Conference

 Another P-Day hike to the Cross on the Hill


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Raining so hard I couldn't hear what Elder Torres was saying three feet away

We had soooo much rain this week!  Wednesday and Thursday were the worst! haha.  It would be raining so hard that I couldn't hear what Elder Torres was saying from three feet away.  Luckily we weren't out walking around in most of it.

On Tuesday we had a multizone conference in Talanga (I thought it was going to be in Tegucigalpa) which is still a three hour bus ride away.  We got to hear from Presidente Fortuna and his Wife.  We learned about how important it is to always keep the area book updated and that the people we teach are not just names on a piece of paper.  They are ''un registro de los hijos y hijas de Dios'' (a registry of the sons and daughters of God).  Hermana Fortuna also taught us that we should always be developing Christlike attributes.  

We taught Familia M about temples and family history on Wednesday because the branch was having a temple trip on Thursday.  It was really cool because Beatriz was calling her relatives so that she could find all the names and dates of her ancestors. This was their first time going to the temple for baptisms and they ended up having a really good time.

One of our investigators couldn't make it to our sacrament meeting, but was able to go to the other branch, so we went with him to Rama Catacamas at 8 am.  Then we went to our own meeting, so we ended up going to two sacrament meetings.  

I have a request! haha 

I have had this song stuck in my head that Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings called ''Consider the Lillies''  If possible, you should send me the lyrics, just in the email body is fine.  And even better if you can find the lyrics in Spanish.  

Also, maybe some super simple recipes.  We don't cook very extravagant food, mostly microwavable things haha.  note: we don't have an oven, just a microwave, and a two burner stove.

haha, yup. Everything is pretty good here.  I still have a lot to learn but I'm all good!
Love Elder Burnham
Our District with the Presidente Fortuna & his Wife
Zone Conference Lessons
P-day Walk

Elder Torres kills one year

Monday, March 2, 2015

Poke it with a Stick... Crazy Iguana

Back to Teguc tomorrow!  We have another Multizone conference.  I will probably have a new missionary meeting pretty soon, as well. 

We were able to go back and visit Raymond (the gringo) and Yolanda.  I kinda talked with him while Elder Torres talked with Yolanda.  Whoo! bi-lingual lessons! haha.  He has had a lot of experiences with different religions, but I guess he decided he liked the Mormons the best.  He wants to come visit our church again, but he won´t go unless Yolanda wants to.

On Thursday I had intercambios (exchanges) with Elder Carvajal. He is the new zone leader and is from the Dominican Republic.  It was fun to go to his area and see the other side of Catacamas.  He is a super great missionary.  We ended up doing a lot of contacting (tracting) but had to return to the apartment early because the power went out around 7pm and it is completley dark, minus the lights from the cars driving around.  The next day we had a zone meeting.  It's always fun to see the other missionaries.

This week I also learned the importance of always bearing testimony.  We had a lesson with one of our contacts. She was super receptive to our message, and was super impressed at how we were so sure of what we were teaching was true.  The spirit is the strongest when bearing testimony.  
Sunday we had church at 10:30 again.  Such a more convenient time.  We had a few investigators in the meeting which was great.  Especially Raymond and Yolanda.  Not only that, he showed up wearing one of those black shirts with a clerical collar.  I thought it was pretty great.  I honestly don't know how much he understood, but I am glad that they came! 

-Elder Burnham

Elder Torres with this crazy iguana

Our Zone