Monday, April 20, 2015

Fireflies and Spiders

Whoo!  This week went by really fast and I am having trouble remembering what we even did. It´s because I got really bad at writing in my journal this week.  haha.

We did a lot of teaching new-ish people this week.  We have been spending a lot of time exploring and contacting in parts of the area that we haven't been in before.  Our area is so huge, I have two transfers here and probably have only explored 50% of the area.  So that´s fun.  I like going to the outer parts of the area because it's super scenic sometimes.  

On Wednesday, I had intercambios with Elder Acosta.  We pretty much just contacted all day.  But once again in unfamiliar parts of the area.  Fun stuff.

We have this one investigator, Lurbin, who Elder Torres and I contacted way back in February, but she has been progressing a lot lately.  She came to one session of conference and read through 1 Nephi in just a few days and is reading in 2 Nephi.  Getting her to pray about it is the hard part.  She always asked random questions regarding music and dancing, so we gave her a for strength of youth pamphlet to answer most of her questions haha.  

Todo esta bien en Catacamas esta semana.  Creo yo puedo hablar en espanol, pero eso es un mentira.  Necesito practicar y estudiar mas siempre. pues...

Tengan una semana increible!   

- Elder Burnham

Another week gone.  Time just seems to fly by.  Funny story, it took me three months to realize that there are fireflies in Honduras.  The power went out one evening this week at around 7:00 so we were walking back to the apartment.  I saw these little lights floating around the air.  I guess you can´t normally see them when all the streetlights are on.  It takes a power outage for me to even notice them. It was even funnier because Elder Bradshaw and I were talking about fireflies just a few days earlier. yup  

Another bug story!  We found this giant demon spider in our house.  It was on Elder Bradshaw´s desk and we used Elder Acosta´s electric tennis racket thing to kill it. haha  Electrocuting spiders is kind of entertaining. 

So our investigator Lurbin makes and sells baleadas from her house, and we made a deal with her that if she didn´t go to church, she owed us baleadas.  It was kind of a joke, but she actaully came through with her end because she didn´t go to church.  BUT, she did go yesterday!  She brought her two little brothers and her daughter, and they were so well behaved during sacrament meeting and had a fun time in primary.  She is reading the book of mormon and understands the things that we are teaching her, except prayer!  She will get there eventually. 

We have had some really hot days in Catacamas and not a ton of success contacting this week.  A lot of people are not home or there were only women home so we can´t enter the houses.  And a lot of our investigators haven't been home when we come by.  But it has been fun to explore some new parts of the area still.  Walk down a random road until we come to a house haha.  

This morning, as a district, we climbed up la cruz again, because why not? haha.

Overall, a good week!

Evil Demon Spider 

  Rain... lots of Rain
We Climbed the hill again... because... why not?
The View
Cool Tree

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Yay... I'm Twenty!

Yay! I get to email home!  We are in Juticalpa for P-Day and this is the 5th cybercafe that we had to go to and still wait 20 minutes for a computer.  Then my keyboard stopped working.  But now obviously it is working.  Yay! 
Anyway, this was a really good and different week.  All in one week I had a new companion, then he got sick, it was my birthday, and general conference.  Elder Torres is back in an area in Tegucigalpa and it is so weird not to have him here.  But that also means that I am done with my training. 
My new companion is Elder Bradshaw and he is from Idaho.  He is really awesome and his Spanish is really good since he has 18 months in the mission.  He was also serving in the office the same time that Elder Torres was.  Kinda neat.  Even though we are still getting used to each other, I already feel that we teach well together.  With transfers, our district is gringo dominated.  5 out of 8 are from the USA. 
The next day (Friday) Elder Bradshaw and Elder Dial were both sick, so Elder Dial´s new companion, Elder Acosta, and I went out to work.  Elder Acosta is really awesome.  He is this super tiny Guatemalan and he loves to say my name. haha.  He is also a really great missionary and we were able to teach and contact a lot of people that day. 
Saturday it was raining a lot, and is was my birthday, and it was conference.  We were basically going around and trying to get all of our investigators to go to conference.  For conference, they had it playing on the big screen at the church, but then we also tried to get it in English on one the the computers in the back room.  We were able to watch chunks of conference in English if the internet was functioning properly.  The parts I watched in Spanish, I will need to go read again later because honestly it was kind of hard to understand everything or stay focused with a Spanish dub.  It also really isn't the same watching conference without hearing their actual voices haha.  But it was really good,  The music was really good this year as well.  I think one of my favorite talks was given my Kevin W. Pearson of the seventy about enduring to the end.   

Todo esta bien aqui en Catacamas! Hasta proximo lunes! Que extrano a tener 20 anos.  Estoy usando un keyboard americano y no tiene los accentos.  Necesito a estudiar mas en espanol tambien.  jaja. Adios!

- Elder Burnham