Monday, August 31, 2015

We got to meet and listen to Elder Russell M Nelson

Aug 24 (delayed 'cause my lame parents were still on vacation)
This was a very spiritually and physically exhausting week! haha.  I´ll start 
off with the best part of the week which was Saturday.  We got to meet 
and listen to Elder Russell M Nelson.  He was absolutely delightful!  And 
we got to sit on the front row!  We all got to shake his hand at the beginning 
and there were 4 hermanas in front of me, but I was the first ELDER out of 
the two missions to get to shake his hand! haha.  I would have been the first 
if the hermanas didn´t rob our seats haha.  He didn´t have a prepared message 
so he was just saying what the spirit prompted him to say. Which meant we got 
to hear about many different themes.  One of the things he talked about was 
that we should teach our languages that we speak to our companions.  He 
shared a story about a missionary who forgot a lot of his English by the time 
he returned from his mission, because he didn´t teach it to his companions.  
As expressed in past letters, I felt this happening to me so we have been studying 
a lot more English together! haha.  He also asked if there was anyone who spoke 
a language besides English or Spanish, and there was a pretty good group of 
people.  A few people who spoke Tongan, Tagalog,  Quechua, and a variety of 
other native dialects, and there was one guy who spoke Swedish.  
Super interesante.  

One of my favorite things that he said was about Sacrifice.  Sacrifice or Sacrificio.  
The first part of the word comes from the same root as sacred and fice or ficio 
means to make or fix (something like that) so Sacrifice doesn't really mean to 
give something up.  We are making something sacred, we are making ourselves 
more holy.  

We didn´t have a baptism on Saturday, but we hope to have one this Saturday.  
Bryan is super ready and we have been facing a lot of opposition just to be able 
to teach him.  His work schedule has been crazy this week, one night the power 
went out so we could´t go teach him. The next night some strange characters 
entered the church and the relief society president sent us to go teach/distract 
them until they left.  So a lot happened to prevent us from teaching him, but we 
will find him this week.  

On Thursday we had Intercambios and Elder Wickel came to my area.  It was a 
really good day, and it's always great to learn from another missionary the way 
that they teach and interact with the people.  That night we talked about the 
MTC a ton haha.  

Saturday night we had the Noche Blanca, even though we didn´t get to participate, 
but it was a really great service.  President Ferman showed up and spoke to all the 
new members.  He then gave us a ride home in his car which was kinda fun haha.  

Well this was a very exiting week.  And we´re excited to work hard this week!

- Elder Burnham

4 Generations... Generations Elder Rolsales trained Elder Torres who Trained Me, 
and I'm training Elder  Gomez

We got to the conference with Elder Nelson .... Early

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