Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Service and Jaguars

Poof! Another week gone!  Kind of a strange week haha!  We are having one 
of those butterfly blooms (like we had in Morgan Hill years ago) so there are 
always a ton of them flying around here haha.  Also our dueño (landlord) sent 
people over the last few days to come clean up the jungle in our yard, but they 
just kinda showed up and we didn´t know that they were going to come. We 
had to call the dueno to make sure he sent them because there were just random 
people outside our house.  On Saturday, there was one of the workers burning 
the dead grass and we were close to the house and saw a ton of smoke coming 
from our yard, so we thought the house was on fire or something like that.  We 
ran to the house to make sure everything was okay. haha Yep, just burning up 
the dead grass.  

On Saturday the branch had an activity to raise money to send the youth to SOY  
(Especially for Youth) in the plaza right by our house.  Basically a big garage sale 
and members cooked and sold pupusas. Super rico!  We decided we wanted to 
set up a booth with pamphlets and books of mormon and everything.  We were 
even able to borrow the big banners from the mission office.  Not a crazy amount 
of people came, but we were able to contact and teach people.  

In our district meeting, Elder Gonzalez talked about how if we are having problems 
or contention with our companions, we should just serve them.  Just do little acts of 
service for them.   I am not saying that I am having contention with my companion,
haha.  We were able to apply this to our investigators this week.  As I mentioned last 
week, we didn´t have the baptism for Fernanda because her parents changed there 
minds and there were some other complications.  We stopped by on Friday (almost a 
whole week since the last visit) and we just served them. We didn´t teach them anything.  
They were basically moving their kitchen to another part of their tiny house and were 
constructing new walls within to separate the kitchen.  So basically we spent 2 hours to 
help them remodel their house.  But this is something we can apply to everyone.  If you 
are having problems or contention with someone, the best way to solve it is to just serve 
them.  We can all follow the example of Jesus Christ and love and serve one another.    

For P-Day today, we went to Parque Aurora!  It's a park in Zambrano with a ton a 
playgrounds and a little zoo and a pond and a pool and an equestrian park with horses.  
(But we are very limited to what we can do) haha We went to the zoo and parks and 
walked around and looked at everything else.  Super Fun!

Another great week!

- Elder Burnham

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Three Hours of Uno


I think we went to Tegucigalpa 3 or 4 times this week, I can´t remember
haha!  On Tuesday we had an activity to meet the new mission president,
Presidente Ferman, who is from Honduras.  He and his wife spoke to us
and they are super great.  You can tell how much love he has for all the
missionaries.  We didn´t get out of the activity until around 6:30pm and
we pretty much couldn´t find any buses that could take us back to Zambrano,
so we and the hermanas were kinda stuck in the city without a way to get
back.  We ended up staying with the Elders in Cerro Grande and the hermanas
with the sister training leaders.  haha.  The four of us were playing UNO and
I am not kidding when I say that we played a round of UNO that lasted more
than three hours!  We added more rules to make it more complicated, but I was
not planning on playing that long! haha

On Thursday we went back to Teguc for interviews with President Ferman. 
We had three zones waiting at the church building to be interviewed and he
was spending 15-25 minutes with each person.  So we ended up hanging out
in the church building all day.  He was really spending a lot of time to get to
know each of the missionaries because he doesn´t know anyone yet.  He is
super awesome and I feel like the mission is going to be great with him in

After the interviews, I had intercambios with Elder Gonzalez again. He came
to Zambrano to interview our investigators (the hermanas too) for baptism. 
Yeah, he interviewed our investigator for the baptism that we didn´t have this
weekend. We are teaching this family and the daughter was ready for baptism,
but when we called to confirm everything on the day of the baptism, the father
told us that they were not in Zambrano and were not going to return until the
next day, but when we passed by the house, they were all there.  The parents
changed their minds and didn´t think that their daughter was ready.  We will
keep working with this family, and make sure that they are ready. 

We decided to get rid of our garbage the way that all Hondurans get rid of their
garbage.  Burning it!!  We piled all the trash in our yard (because we have a large
back yard) and lit it on fire. So much more fun than bringing it out to the curb, haha. 

Another good week here in Zambrano.  Have a great week wherever you all are!

- Elder Burnham

Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!  On the 3rd, I remembered ¨Oh tomorrow is 4th of July¨ 
but I completely forgot about it the next day! haha.  Whoops.  This was a 
super interesting week.  We had 1/2 interchanges on Wednesday.  The zone 
leaders came to our area and we had divisions, then at about 5pm we split 
for interchanges.  I went with Elder Dunn back to his area to work.  He works 
in Tegucigalpa, which was fun because this was my first time working in the 
city.  And also my first time being in the city at night.  It's super cool to see
it all lit up at night.  

Tegucigalpa kind of reminds me of San Francisco, except dirtier, poorer, 
and less safe. haha.  But the city is built on a whole bunch of hills and all the 
houses are connected together.  That evening I noticed that my legs were 
super stiff.  That night I woke up at two in the morning and my whole body 
ached.  The next day I returned to Zambrano and stayed in the house all day.  
I think that I had chikungunya or something similar.  All of my joints hurt and 
I had a fever. poooo.   On Friday we had a zone meeting, and we kept that 
day simple by only going to that and returning to the house because I 
needed to recover haha. By Saturday I was back to normal whoo hoo!
Sunday morning before church we had the baptism for Sandra!!!  She is the 
wife of the couple that got married last weekend.  We were the 6th pair of 
missionaries to teach her and she finally made the decision to get baptized! 
We will get to meet our new president this week!   This email is a little shorter 
because my keyboard is driving me absolutely nuts!!! haha. 
- Elder Burnham 

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