Monday, August 31, 2015

Big news! Elder Russell M. Nelson is coming to Tegucigalpa

Aug 17 (delayed 'cause my lame parents went on a vacation)

I am going to start with the Big news!  Elder Russell M. Nelson
is coming to Tegucigalpa this week!  He is coming to give a big
devotional to all the married couples, but Saturday morning he
is going to speak to the missionaries.  All the missionaries in
Mision Comayaguela and Mision Tegucigalpa are going to be
there, and it will be broadcast to all the missions in Central
America.  so big deal.

Last P-day we played futbol against zone comayaguela, but more 
importantly we went to Wendy´s afterward!  Being in the city means 
fast food, and I had my first chocolate frosty in over 8 months 
(waaaaaayyy too long).  So that was fun.  

You find more drunk people in Tegucigalpa and this one guy came 
up to us and started talking about WW2 and Elvis Presley, and tried 
to speak in English a few times.  He also would just start singing.  
It was kind of really funny.  I want to meet him when he is sober.  

Our second week here, we still focused on learning the area and 
meeting the members.  We were able to meet more members, less 
actives, and recent converts this week, especially because we had 
a lot of appointments fall through this week.  But the youth in this 
ward are super great.  We are pretty much working only off of 
references.  On Sunday, our ward mission leader, and FIVE young 
men came with us to visit. We helped out with the home teaching 
goals for the ward and also we were able to visit with some new 
investigators.  yup.  

On Wednesday, we also had a multi-zone conference.  We had three 
zones, so a lot of missionaries.  It was a really great meeting. except 
for the part when the mission nurse talked about intestinal parasites.... 
And of course I was asked to participate in a musical number for the 
program. haha.  

Since we have been visiting lots of members, we had plenty of 
opportunities for little acts of service.  We helped an old lady move 
her bed from one side of the room to the other.  There is another 
member who is taking English classes, so I help her with the English 

My companion has also been studying a lot of English and I have 
been able to help him.  He actually understands really well, but is 
a little shy to speak.  Yesterday he told me that I should only speak 
English when we are in the apartment at night.  And he pretty much 
understands everything.  So basically we have bi-lingual conversa-
tions.  But to my great shock, I feel like i´m losing my English.  It's 
hard for me to maintain a conversation in one language.  I tried 
praying out loud in English and I really had to take it slow without 
going back into Spanish.  It's super funny!  

This Saturday night, our zone is going to have a Noche Blanca, which 
is when we have a baptismal service with all the baptisms in our zone.  
We are working with an investigator, Bryan, who wants to be baptized 
this Saturday.  We weren't able to teach him much this week, but he is 
set on this date so we will need to teach him a lot this week to prepare 
him.  He is really great and really receptive.  His girlfriend is a member 
and that's how he was first introduced to the church.  

We get to hear Russell M Nelson and we should have a baptism this 
Saturday.  I am super exited!

- Elder Burnham
3 Generations Elder Rolsales trained Elder Torres (not pictured) who trained Me, 
and I'm training Elder  Gomez

Goofing off at Zone meeting

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