Monday, January 26, 2015

Dog tastes like Chicken! And our first Baptism!

Yep, that's right.  I ate dog meat this week haha.  We had lunch over at this guys house the other day and we had this really good soup.  I thought the meat was chicken until I realized the bones were definitely NOT chicken bones. haha.  Elder Wendt asked him what the meat was and he said perro!  I am pretty sure he was not joking because his kids were taking pictures of us while we were eating.

We spent the first few days of this week getting our apartment clean because President Fortuna was coming over for interviews.  Since I didn't have much time in the field and not much to say, my interview was really short.  He told me to just keep speaking the language, and it will come little by little.  He also talked about even if people have a hard time understanding me, as long as I can teach with the spirit, they will still be able to understand in that sense.  

We got invited to so many family home evenings this week.  I think we had one every night this week except for Friday.  (which means free dinner (: haha).  It´s super awesome to go to all the members homes and meet everyone.

On Saturday, our investigator Andres was baptized by Elder Dial.  He is the nephew of a family that was baptized about a month ago.  We were able to continue teaching him when we came to this area.  He is only ten years old, but he is so awesome!  

Saturday was also the ¨birthday´ of Catacamas, so lots of people were setting off fireworks. (but it´s not fun when someone sets them off at 3 in the morning haha).  

This Wednesday, we have a multi-zone conference in Tegucigalpa, so that means another 4 hour bus ride.  It should be really good though,  Hopefully I will see some CCM missionaries.  

I hope everyone had a great week!


Elder Burnham     

 The Temple

Andres getting ready for his baptism

Our Bedroom... look at the great cabinets and closets... :-)

Our Kitchen

Our Bathroom

Monday, January 19, 2015

My First Full Week In Honduras


Most of the time, I have to rely on my companion to know where we are going, because I still have no concept of direction here.  The streets are dirt and don´t have names.  House addresses are also non-existent here.  There are certain blobs of neighborhoods with certain names, but not perfect blocks.  If you ask someone their address, they will say "I live in the green colored house in barrio santa cruz across the street from Pulperia Sandi".  or something to that extent.  Fun stuff.  

Our whole district lives in Catacamas, there are 8 of us total.  There are two branches that meet at our church,  Rama Catacamas and Rama Guayape. Elder Torres and I are Guayape B and attend Rama Guayape at 10:00 on Sundays.

On Wednesday we went to the temple, which meant a four hour bus ride to Tegucigalpa.  On the way there we would stop and pick up other missionaries from other areas and eventually had a bus full of missionaries.  I didn't see anyone from the CCM.  The Temple is super pretty and up on a hill overlooking the city.  I am always so impressed by the detail and the workmanship put into the temples.  I was also able to get headphones and do the session in English (which meant I was the only one NOT watching the dubbed version).  It is so great to go to the temple because it is a huge reminder of my purpose as a missionary.  After the session, some of us ordered Little Caesar's and some guy on a motorcycle came and delivered it to the temple haha!  Super great day, but long bus rides.  

On Friday we had a zone meeting in Juticalpa (the next town over, about an hour on the bus). Its always fun meeting up with the other missionaries and we go out to lunch afterwards.  

Saturday the 6 elders in our district went a did a service project for a family that the hermanas were teaching.  We went down to the river and dug up sand and brought it back to their house so they could use it for cement or something like that.  Later that day we went to their baptism at the church. We also taught one of our investigators, Claudia, today.  While we were teaching her, one of her friends came over and ended up staying for the rest of lesson. (whoo a contact! haha).  

On Sunday we were supposed to meet with Claudia to show her the way to church, but no one was home when we arrived.  Kinda frustrating.  

Today, our zone met up in Catacamas and we went and played cage soccer (cancha).  It´s like a small soccer field that is all enclosed.  After that we all went out to lunch.  Fun first full p-day. 

We have other people that we are teaching, but I don't have too much time to write more about them.  

The language is coming along little by little.  I feel like I can speak alright, but when I don´t understand what other people are saying, I don´t speak too much. haha. It will get better with time.  

I love you all!

- Elder Burnham  

We got to go to the Temple in Tegucigalpa - 4 hour bus ride, totals worth it

The Temple in Tegucigalpa

main square of Juticalpa

One last photo from the Mexico CCM, the night we were all leaving to our different missions

Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm going to Honduras tomorrow & I made it to Honduras!

Jan 5th 2014 - I'm going to Honduras tomorrow

In less than 12 hours I will be on the plane to Honduras! Crazy!  I am so excited, and a little nervous.

Wednesday was the last day of 2014!  Still a normal schedule at the CCM.  In the evening we taught this teenage girl named Britini for TRC.  She was a member and she hopes to serve a mission when she is older, Really cool!  We didn't really stay up for new years, but I remember being half asleep´and hearing all the fireworks out my window.  

On Thursday we taught our last lesson with Gabriel.  He told us he had a date for his wedding, so we were able to schedule a date for his baptism!  We wanted to focus our last lesson with him on Enduring to the end, but then he had some questions about tithing.  We clarified that for him and tied it back into our lesson by saying that part of enduring to the end is obeying all of God´s commandments.  Later in the day we had to do some CCM evaluations on the computer and had to answer questions in Spanish into the microphone.  I guess they want to see how much we can speak directly from our heads.  

Friday we had a completely different schedule with classes getting us ready to go out into the field and focusing on the importance of working with members in the wards.  It kinda felt like being at a youth conference.  Also, they had to cut off the water at the CCM for some reason, and so we couldn't take showers for a while. Then Elder Linsenmann flushed the toilet and it made this really loud boom sound and the toilet filled up with black water.  It was kinda frightening, but it didn't make a mess and we were able to fix it pretty easily.  We were able to take hot showers that evening, but then I realized it might be one of my last hot showers for a while.  Another Elder was telling us about a friend he had who went to Honduras and didn't have running water for her first three transfers!  It is going to be an adventure!

Sunday was a really great day! We had our last sacrament meeting and all the testimonies from the missionaries in our zone were really powerful.  We also had a really great devotional from Elder Holland!  Sunday evening was a different story!  When we came back to our apartment, the electronic lock to our bedroom door deactivated!  We couldn't get into our room, and the guy at the reception office wasn't really able to help us, so we took the mattresses from the spare room and slept in the apartment next door with our district.  We were able to get it resolved in the morning and were able to do our laundry and start packing.  That is what we spent today doing, and now we are packed and ready to go tomorrow!  

I am super excited to go to Honduras, but it is a little bittersweet to leave the CCM.  We have a pretty big group of people riding the bus tomorrow at 2:30 am, so that should be fun.  

I love you all, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve the people of Honduras!  I know that this Gospel is True, and I can´t wait to share the joy and happiness that is brings!  This is going to be an incredible adventure!

- Elder Burnham 

 Random Sketch

Finally got a picture with Cybill

My District in the CCM, these are Great Elders and Sisters

Jan 12 2015 - I made it to Honduras!

I´m alive, No need to call the Mission President! haha!  Sorry if this email is choppy or incoherent.  And sorry for no pictures, I left my camera at the apartment, Last Tuesday was a crazy travel day.  We left the CCM at 2.30 in the morning and had a flight at the Mexico City Airport at 5.20 am.  BUT...there was apparently some bad weather, but it just looked like fog outside.  We had to sit on the plane for FOUR hours before it could take off and fly to our layover in El Salvador.  There were 10 of us flying to Honduras (6 going to Comayaguela Mission and 4 going to San Pedro). We were able to catch a later flight to Honduras in El Salvador.

When we got to Tegucigalpa, we met up with some other missionaries that took us to the church building. There we met the Mission President and our new companions.  We had a quick meeting and dinner, but then they sent us off to our new areas.  My area was on the other side of the country and we needed to take a 4 hour bus ride to get there. (lots of traveling that day). 

My new companion is Elder Torres from Guatemala.  He can speak a tiny bit of English, but not much.  We can communicate enough though.  This just means that I will be able to learn Spanish faster.  But he is really great.

Catacamas, our new area is crazy!  There are dirt roads and dogs, chickens, rabbits, cows everywhere.  Most of the houses are cement with tin roofs.  Our apartment is pretty nice and spacious though.  But we don´t have hot water. haha.  

Even though I cannot communicate very well, the people here are so great! The Spanish is so hard to understand sometimes.  The people here slur all their words and the letter ´S´ is sometimes just nonexistent.  For example, the word seis is just sei, or the phrase ´mas o menos´ is ´mah o meno´ 

The members are so awesome. We usually have someone come with us for part of the day.  Every butchers my name though.  But it´s okay.  Some of the little kids sometimes refer to me as Elder ¨Ban nan¨or Jokingly Elder "Batman", which I just think is hilarious.  

The chapel is in the more ´downtown´ area and is really small.  The chapel is basically 5 classrooms with accordion doors that open up into a larger room.  Its really awesome though.

We only get a partial P-day today to just write emails and buy groceries because on Wednesday we get to go to the Temple.  Which will be a four hour bus ride back to Teguc.  I am excited.  I will hopefully take lots of pictures and send them next week.  

I feel like there is so much more I could write, but I can´t remember every detail and don't have much more time to write.  

I love you all. I love Honduras. I don't necessarily love the Spanish Language. It is getting better little by little.  Have a great week! 

- Elder Burnham

Saturday, January 3, 2015

1 Week Left!

1 Week Left! (actually Danny is leaving for Honduras this Tuesday Jan 6th at 2:30AM in the morning)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I leave the CCM next week!  Tomorrow is the last day of 2014! Wow!

On Wednesday (Christmas eve day) Hermano Hurtado came back!  He took some time off because he just got married.  For TRC we taught district 5C instead.  The focus of the lesson was to teach about the Book of Mormon, but I threw a little Christmas twist into it and shared about the birth of Jesus Christ.  There is a really good scripture in Alma 7 about Jesus´s birth and the atonement.  In the evening we had our Christmas concert.  All the missionaries sang in groups of two zones. At the end, the CCM choir sang Oh Holy Night (La Santa Noche).

Thursday was Christmas!  Before breakfast we had our secret Santa gift exchange, which mainly consisted of candy, cookies and ties.  We also had a service project where we made blankets to donate to a local men´s shelter.  We got to call home too!  There was some technical difficulties with my computer so the first three calls didn't quite go through.  I could hear my parents, but they could not hear me.  We eventually got it to work!  It was really nice to talk with my family even if it was only for 30 minutes.  We had lots of devotionals and they also let us watch Meet the Mormons in the evening.

The day after Christmas was pretty normal.  It was kinda hard getting back into the normal schedule after Christmas.  Saturday was also another routine day.  When we were teaching Enya, she asked us about the ten commandments and referred to ¨thou shalt not kill¨and then asked us about why Nephi kills Laban in the book of Mormon.  That was fun trying to answer in Spanish, but I think we did a pretty good job. haha.

I actually gave a talk on Sunday!  This was our last regular sacrament meeting, so it was my last chance to speak.  I wrote my talk on prayer, more specifically on the commandment to pray often.  Elder Linsenmann and I also got to bless the sacrament, which was fun since I haven´t really done that since I was a priest in my home ward.  The rest of the day were more devotionals and movies.

Today is our last P-day at the CCM.  We got our itinerary for our missions.  We have to leave the CCM next Tuesday at 2:30 am and our flight is at 5:40. we then have a layover in El Salvador.  I have been designated as Travel Leader and have to make sure all six of us flying to Honduras make it there in one piece.  It´s crazy! We only have one more week here. Time is going by so fast.

I love you all so much and hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

- Elder Burnham

All in Purple

Our District

Falling out of the tree...

It's a bird, it's a plane... Oh,  it's a volleyball.

Our Christmas Tree....