Monday, April 18, 2016

Hello! I don´t think anything too exciting happened this week.04/13/16

Hello!  I don´t think anything too exciting happened this week.  I don´t have any pictures either, haha. I had to take some more missionaries to immigration this week and everything went really smoothly.  No one complained, got confused, or irritated (including myself) so I think we reached a new milestone, haha! 

We contacted this family in the street on Saturday and when we invited them to church they were like, "yeah, we were actually already planning on going tomorrow."  Elder Johnson and I were really confused and then we found out that the wife is the cousin of a member and she invited them to go.  So that was really cool, and they showed up the next day!  We actually had a lot of investigators in church on Sunday.  Only that some of them left right after sacrament meeting because little children having meltdowns took priority...haha.  

We had to go to some mail place by the airport because Elder Johnson had some document that he needed a stamp for.  We show up, and the guy that needs to give us the stamp won´t let us in to his office until he got to half time of the soccer game he was watching...Sometimes people are more religious about soccer than religion.  

We are teaching this sassy little old catholic lady who I think is more concerned about being our grandma and feeding us food than what we come to teach.  She invited us over for lunch on Sunday.  When we teach something, she will end up saying something like, "I am sitting here listening to what you are saying, but I just don´t remember anything" haha

Robelio is progressing a lot.  He is always ready to go to church and loves when we come over.  We taught him about the restoration and the word of wisdom and he just accepts everything without any doubts.  It was such a great lesson!  He is seriously so prepared and wants to get baptized.  

That´s all I can think of for right now!  Have a great week!

- Elder Burnham

General Conference 04/05/16

Hello Everyone!  

General Conference was really great!  I really liked the talks by Elder Kearon and Elder Uchtdorf!  I really loved the focus on service (especially humanitarian service) and repentance and forgiveness. We always have to opportunity to change and become better people and we become closer to Christ.  We were able to watch all the sessions at our church building and we were able to bring some investigators to the Sunday morning session.  

The whole mission flipped out a little bit because our old mission president, Candido Fortuna, was called to be an area seventy!  There was a little bit of gossip going around before the conference because an RM told someone here that President Fortuna had been staying in Utah the week before conference, so rumors spread that he was going to be a seventy, and it came true! haha.   Elder Duncan, the seventy, also spoke in the conference, he has visited us a few times because he is assigned to Central America.   

But being in the office is nice because I can go back and listen to the talks again in English while I am working. It is just not the same when you can´t hear the actual voices of the general authorities.  And it´s also a little easier to pay attention when it´s not in Spanish. haha.

We were able to go visit with this one family that we are teaching and celebrate my birthday a little bit.  Their (now) three year old son has the same birthday as me so they threw a little party for us and invited the other elders and some families in the ward, so that was fun, and cake was involved. haha. 

We found this guy Rodelio contacting and he is super great! He is like 65 and really receptive.  In the first lesson we had with him, he accepted the invitation to pray, to read, to go to church, and to be baptized!  Elder Johnson and I almost could´t believe it.  We came back on Saturday and had a really great lesson about the book of Mormon and the plan of salvation and the spirit was really strong.  On Sunday morning we went by to pick him up for conference and we was all ready to go. He really loved the conference and was able to make some friends in the church.  Hopefully he keeps progressing at this speed!   

Our old investigator Emelina called us out of the blue this morning after we hadn´t been able to get in contact with her for weeks!  She wants to come back to Tegucigalpa to find work and come back to church!  She had been reading the book of Mormon and praying that whole time we hadn´t been able to contact her.  She had been staying with family in some pueblo out in the middle of nowhere where there isn´t even a signal for a phone, so she kind of disappeared for a while.  If she doesn't move back to our area, we will get her in contact with other missionaries.  We were just so happy to make contact with her again and that everything seems to be going well.   

If you haven't yet, go and watch Conference!  Have a great week!

- Elder Burnham