Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lots of Singing

Tomorrow I will have 6 months in the mission. What?  Anyway, another good week here in Zambrano.
Last Monday, we had a fake P-day, because we went to the temple on Thursday.  We pretty much just
wrote emails and then got smoothies, then went back to work.

Word gets around that I like to sing, so I get requested to sing musical numbers/participate in choirs
for various activities.  We had a multizone conference in Tegucigalpa on Tuesday, and I ended up
singing a solo (Abide with Me tis Eventide).  It was a super great conference, and the last conference
with President Fortuna.
We also had a Branch Conference on Sunday, and I sang in the choir.  We sang come Thou Fount in
Spanish, but then some of us sang the second verse in English.  Then last night, the assistants called
me and want me to sing for a mission activity that we will have at the temple on Sunday. So we have
to go to Tegucigalpa tomorrow for a choir practice.  Fun Stuff!
We had a temple trip on Thursday, and it was really great. I did the session in Spanish this time, and
felt that I could pretty much understand everything haha.  There is always such an incredible spirit
We also had a fun incident this week. Our electricity and water got cut out because nobody paid the
bill in 4 MONTHS. Elder Solano and I were completely unaware of this and came home to find a bill
on our door, with no power!  Don´t worry, we only went one day without power,  We sorted it out
the next day. We will make sure to be more on top of that! haha.

I got grandma's package!!!!!!!!!!!  I am pretty sure that got here in about two weeks, but the office is
a little unorganized and it didn't reach me for a month and a half.  But I got it!  Thank you grandma! 
hint hint..   She sent me these really good trail mix bags from Target called Archer Farms... hint hint
Also, thanks for the Maker Faire pics!

We have a lot of investigators, that I don´t really have time to write about them.  We should have
some baptisms this Saturday though!  

Have a great week!  

 Elder Burnham

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