Monday, June 8, 2015

Carlos and Alba got married

Termine una semana otra vez aqui en Zambrano.  
We had a really good zone meeting on Friday.  Our zone leaders focused on always having a
positive attitude and to always love everyone.  Our companions, members, investigators, everyone!  
This zone meeting also included a musical number provided by Elder Burnham.  haha.  

Later on Friday, I had intercambios with Elder Gonzales (a different Elder Gonzales).  He is a super 
great missionary and has about the same time as me in the mission.  He can really connect well
with others and is always making jokes.  

Our ward mission leader, Wilson, got his mission call!  He is going to Cuzco, Peru!  Super exiting. 
(Mission  neighbors to Hermana Brogan!).  

We also had a wedding this weekend!  Our investigators Carlos and Alba got married this weekend. 
Next weekend they are going to get baptized!  They are great people and Alba has such a strong 
testimony.  Only two more weeks in this transfer! Time flies!

Sorry, no photos this week, the computer I'm using doesn't have USB ports that work. Whoops! 
Next week.

- Elder Burnham
and now... last week...  
We have a CIRCUS!
There is this little plaza/park thing by our house and earlier this week, they started setting up a 
circus.  There is a giant tent and you can hear all the music and cheering, and the TIGER ROARING 
from our house.  They had the tiger cage outside while they were setting up the tents and we got to 
take pictures! Whoo!  Super fun.  Maybe we will be able to go for a p-day activity in the future. haha. 
Like I mentioned last week, president wanted me to sing in the choir for the activity we had at the 
temple yesterday.  On Tuesday, we went to Tegucigalpa and practiced. It was really fun to take all the 
buses throughout the city.  I think we ended up taking two or three buses and a taxi to get there. haha.  
It was a fun practice.  We formed some quartets and they sounded really good.  I also got to see Elder 
Dial (my old district leader) again. He is doing really well, but also  a little baggie. He has less than a 
month left on his mission.  
After the choir  practice, we stopped by the mission office (my first time going there). It is in the super 
nice part of Tegucigalpa where all the big businesses and sky scrapers are.  The church´s main offices 
for Honduras are also in this building, as well as the offices for Mission Honduras Tegucigalpa.  We had 
another choir practice on Friday, but we kind offound out on short notice. We knew that there would be 
a practice that day, but we didn't know at what time. On Friday morning at 7:00 we get a text saying that 
the practice is at 7:30, and we are about an hour away and were not ready to leave at that time. We ended 
up getting there at 9:00. It wasn't too bad, because they didn't end up starting until around 8:30.
We had two baptisms this weekend!  Karen and Kateryn. They are two young ladies who live in La Divina 
(ourother area)  Kateryn is the daughter of Pino and Sonia who are also some of our investigators. They 
want to bebaptized as well, but they need to get married first.  Karen I believe has other family members 
who are members ofthe church. She used to live in Spain.  They are both really great people, and I am glad 
 that we could baptize them this weekend. I was able to perform the ordinance for Kateryn. 
Yesterday we had the activity at the temple, and it was really good!  We got to hear some testimonies of 
some recent converts and I got to sing a solo!  I sang the same song for the multizone meeting, but made 
it more of a quartet.  Super fun. 
Right now I´m in Tegucigalpa. We had to go to the office again because Elder Solano had to go do something
with his Honduran residency.  I just kind of hung out at the office and went and got lunch with Elder Meads 
(the financial secretary).  We went to a mall food court. It was kind of weird to be in a big mall walking around. 
I felt like I was back in the states.  I had a real cheeseburger haha! 
Another Good week here in Zambrano. I can´t believe that its already June!
-Elder Burnham


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