Monday, May 18, 2015

Hey... We Got Robbed... Again

Hello! I´m going to keep this letter short, because I just spoke with my family yesterday on Skype.  We have cambios (changes) tomorrow, but we will find out today.  I could stay or go. I don't know!

This was kinda a crazy week!  Someone broke into our house!  We were walking home and we see our landlord and his wife standing outside our apartment and he says, ¨uh, we have a problem.¨  Someone had robbed our apartment just 15 minutes before we got home. They climbed over the outside wall and used a crowbar to break down the door.  They ended up taking my scripture case, which had over $100 inside that I had saved up for emergencies, and my shoes and the dvd player.  They also stole Elder Bradshaw´s camera, his wallet, his belt.  There were marks on the other elders door indicating that they tried to break down their door as well.

On Monday we went to Iguana´s again, (because we have to at least once every cambio, so all the new people can go).  Whoo, expensive food and animals! haha.  

This week the branch is having ¨Family Week¨ with activities each day this week at the church, that should be fun, and a good thing to invite investigators to.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day!  We will see where I am next week!

It was great to talk with you all yesterday!  We will find out sometime today what the transfers are!  

No, Wait! I just found out! I have transfers! I am leaving!, but I find out where tomorrow!

- Elder Burnham

Old Door getting pulled off

Side Yard of our apartment

New Metal Door.... WaHoooo


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