Monday, May 4, 2015

Demon Spider #2

Whelp, another week has gone by. And only one more week of this transfer.  I could stay, I could go, who knows?

Last P-Day, we had a power outage at 6 pm so we never even left the house.  We are not supposed to be out when there is no power at night.  

We had a lot of strange weather this week.  Earlier this week there were a lot of fires in the hills and I am not so sure if they were wild or controlled, but the sky was filled up with smoke.  Kind of like when there is a wildfire in California when everything is gray and the sun looks red.  Every now and then, a piece of ash would fall from the sky.  Kinda strange.  Then we had a ton of rain, thunder and lightning, which was good because it washed away all the smoke.  This was the first time that I had seen lightning in Honduras.  

We had consejo de rama (branch council) on Wednesday and they took us out to eat afterwards, which they had never done before, so that was fun.  The other elders didn't go to the meeting, so they missed out. haha.  

We had another demon spider at our house again.  I went out to the pila in the morning, and there was this giant spider SWIMMING in the water.  It would float on the top of the water and glide around.  It was the size of the palm of my hand.  haha.  I would dunk it under water and it would swim/flail around until it plopped back up to the top.  And Elder Bradshaw had the solution, which obviously was to drop it into a cup of bleach.  It reminded me of a story when dad killed a giant spider in a similar way.  We are very cruel to the bugs in our house.  

Lurbin came to church again this Sunday! along with her daughter and brothers.   She has been progressing so much, and at this point, we have practically taught her almost all the lessons.  She knows it's true, she just is hesitant about baptism.  She basically said she is not quite done sinning yet.  haha.  But she hasn't been drinking coffee and told us she wasn't going to work on Sunday.  We have been teaching  a lot of other people as well, but it is just too hard to get people to church. And people are never home. But we will change that!

- Elder Burnham
Demon Spider #2
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