Monday, May 18, 2015

New area, new companion, new investigators, new everything!

New area, new companion, new investigators, new everything!  My first transfer to a new area, and it's a lot to absorb! haha.  My new companion is super great.  He is also the district leader.  His name is Elder Solano (or Pichardo) and he is from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.  He is one of those people that is super serious, but then can be super loud and outgoing the next moment.  We have completely different personalities, but after a week together, I think that this will be a good transfer.  I am also the only gringo in my district, and only one other in the zone, so I think my Spanish should also improve a lot this transfer. 
My new area is called Zambrano, and we are about 30-40 minutes outside of Tegucigalpa (I think west of teguc).  It's this town kind of tucked in these pine tree covered hills.  It's a lot colder here compared to Catacamas.  There is also the main highway that runs right through the middle.  
 Zambrano is super different, and feels a lot safer.  There are not many cars driving around, and a lot less dust in the air.  There are some houses that are up in the hills, so I have to get used to a little more hiking, haha.  My last area was completely flat.  Our area also covers this neighborhood/community that we have to take a bus to get to, called La Divina.  Our district is really spread out, we go to Tegucigalpa for our district meetings.  On Friday, we had a first district meeting, and I ran into Elder Torres at the church building.  It was fun to talk to him about Catacamas and having our house broken into haha.  Other districts use that church building as well so there were a lot of missionaries in one place. 
Okay, so our house is really strange.  It is a house, but an actual House... 2 stories, 4 bed, 3.5 bath.  Spacious yard.  It is super weird, so many rooms with practically nothing inside.  We do get our own bathrooms which is nice.  But the water is super cold. haha.  Sometimes it's really chilly in the mornings. 
This week was Family Week, for the church in the centroamerican area.  Each night there was an activity or workshop centered on helping families.  Activities about family history work, temples, emergency preparedness and food storage, and a talent show.  I sang a hymn for the talent show, which was fun. 
On Saturday, we had a zone service project, and went to Tegucigalpa and sweeped up and picked up garbage in some mercado parking lot. 
We have a large teaching pool, with lots of investigators.  There are some really great people here. I am still getting to know the people, members and investigators.  I am still adjusting, but I really like my new area.
I hope everyone had a great week.
- Elder Burnham  
Our new house

Park near our new house

 Bye Elder Bradshaw

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