Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Walter's Baptism 06/27/16

Hello!  Sorry, this email might be another short one because the computers and internet at this cyber cafe that we are at are really slow, haha.

Most importantly, we had the baptism for Walter!  Even though practically all our other plans on Saturday fell through, we had a baptism!  We also combined the service with the other elders in our district who are in the other ward that uses our same building.  Even though it started a little late, the service went really well.  (For some reason there is nothing you can do to make a baptism service start on time).  Then on Sunday I was able to confirm Walter as a member of the church, and confer the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I actually had never done that before.  It was a really an incredible experience.  

Our landlady keeps an oven stored in our apartment, and for some reason, the elders that had lived there before said it didn´t work.  But I wanted to investigate that, haha.  It turned out that the cable just didn´t reach the outlet in the wall, so we propped up the oven with some blocks.  It works perfectly fine.  In fact we used it to make a cake for an elder´s birthday last week! haha.  So that has been a fun toy to have. 

Well, that´s all I have for right now.  Hopefully I will be able to send some pictures with this crappy internet! haha

- Elder Burnham


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