Tuesday, June 28, 2016

lightning storms and earthquakes 06/13/16

This week has been crazy in terms of weather.  We have been getting rain all week, but on Tuesday, we had this crazy storm that caused the power to go out.  We were in a lesson and then we stayed in the investigator's house a little longer for some refuge from the storm.  When the rain lightened up, we went outside and two light posts had fallen down and there were a some little mud slides.  Then a couple days later we had an earthquake!  It wasn't very big, but we sure noticed that the house was wobbling back and forth.  Apparently it was centered in Nicaragua, but we felt it pretty well here in Honduras. But everyone is fine!

It has been pretty cool to work in a new area.  We have a few families that we are teaching and we found some new ones this week.  One of our investigators, Walter, should be getting baptized this Saturday.  He is such an awesome person,  He has changed so much to accept the gospel.  Before the missionaries started visiting him, he was really deep into drugs and alcohol.  But he just dropped it all just like that!  Miracles!  

This old member guy told us that he is more faithful than others at church because he doesn't have to get up during the meetings and use the bathroom during the whole three hours.  So if you truly want to keep the Sabbath day holy, you shouldn't use the bathroom at church because it is a big distraction.  haha

Sorry its a short one, have a great week!

- Elder Burnham

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