Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Raining so hard I couldn't hear what Elder Torres was saying three feet away

We had soooo much rain this week!  Wednesday and Thursday were the worst! haha.  It would be raining so hard that I couldn't hear what Elder Torres was saying from three feet away.  Luckily we weren't out walking around in most of it.

On Tuesday we had a multizone conference in Talanga (I thought it was going to be in Tegucigalpa) which is still a three hour bus ride away.  We got to hear from Presidente Fortuna and his Wife.  We learned about how important it is to always keep the area book updated and that the people we teach are not just names on a piece of paper.  They are ''un registro de los hijos y hijas de Dios'' (a registry of the sons and daughters of God).  Hermana Fortuna also taught us that we should always be developing Christlike attributes.  

We taught Familia M about temples and family history on Wednesday because the branch was having a temple trip on Thursday.  It was really cool because Beatriz was calling her relatives so that she could find all the names and dates of her ancestors. This was their first time going to the temple for baptisms and they ended up having a really good time.

One of our investigators couldn't make it to our sacrament meeting, but was able to go to the other branch, so we went with him to Rama Catacamas at 8 am.  Then we went to our own meeting, so we ended up going to two sacrament meetings.  

I have a request! haha 

I have had this song stuck in my head that Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings called ''Consider the Lillies''  If possible, you should send me the lyrics, just in the email body is fine.  And even better if you can find the lyrics in Spanish.  

Also, maybe some super simple recipes.  We don't cook very extravagant food, mostly microwavable things haha.  note: we don't have an oven, just a microwave, and a two burner stove.

haha, yup. Everything is pretty good here.  I still have a lot to learn but I'm all good!
Love Elder Burnham
Our District with the Presidente Fortuna & his Wife
Zone Conference Lessons
P-day Walk

Elder Torres kills one year

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