Monday, March 2, 2015

Poke it with a Stick... Crazy Iguana

Back to Teguc tomorrow!  We have another Multizone conference.  I will probably have a new missionary meeting pretty soon, as well. 

We were able to go back and visit Raymond (the gringo) and Yolanda.  I kinda talked with him while Elder Torres talked with Yolanda.  Whoo! bi-lingual lessons! haha.  He has had a lot of experiences with different religions, but I guess he decided he liked the Mormons the best.  He wants to come visit our church again, but he won´t go unless Yolanda wants to.

On Thursday I had intercambios (exchanges) with Elder Carvajal. He is the new zone leader and is from the Dominican Republic.  It was fun to go to his area and see the other side of Catacamas.  He is a super great missionary.  We ended up doing a lot of contacting (tracting) but had to return to the apartment early because the power went out around 7pm and it is completley dark, minus the lights from the cars driving around.  The next day we had a zone meeting.  It's always fun to see the other missionaries.

This week I also learned the importance of always bearing testimony.  We had a lesson with one of our contacts. She was super receptive to our message, and was super impressed at how we were so sure of what we were teaching was true.  The spirit is the strongest when bearing testimony.  
Sunday we had church at 10:30 again.  Such a more convenient time.  We had a few investigators in the meeting which was great.  Especially Raymond and Yolanda.  Not only that, he showed up wearing one of those black shirts with a clerical collar.  I thought it was pretty great.  I honestly don't know how much he understood, but I am glad that they came! 

-Elder Burnham

Elder Torres with this crazy iguana

Our Zone

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