Monday, October 12, 2015

Conference! New House! Rain! (Oct 6)

This week went by really fast, but at the same time I felt like we didn't get much done haha.  We keep having crazy rain storms like every other day.  But whooooo we live in the new apartment!  It is so much bigger and brighter and better!  There are these glass block skylights in the ceiling so we have so much natural light, and it's so quiet.  It is basically the opposite of our last apartment.  We walked by our old apartment today and noticed that the landlord sent people to rip up the floor and put new tiles in.  I guess after YEARS of elders living in the apartment, they have to update it to LIVABLE standards if she wants to rent it out again. haha.  I´ll get some pictures of the new house later.  We moved on Wednesday morning at the same time as the hermanas.  They moved all their stuff to their new apartment and we moved into their house.

On Tuesday we had interchanges with the Zone Leaders and I went with Elder Peña in his area.  He has been studying English so we basically spoke in English all day when we were not in lessons.  He can actually speak pretty well.  He makes a lot of mistakes, but I can understand what he is saying.  We even made a contact in English. We knocked on a door and this woman knew English because she works at a Bilingual school, so they both wanted to practice their English and we made the contact and had a small lesson and scheduled a return appointment all in English.  I don´t get to do that very often here. haha

On the last day of September we were walking in the street and heard the song by Green Day ¨Wake me up when September ends¨  haha.

Yesterday was my half birthday! Whoo! My comp was like, ¨Eso no tiene sentido...¨  (That does not make any sense) haha.  

On Friday I got some Christmas cards........that were sent TEN months ago.  They had the Mexico MTC address and then reassigned to Honduras, and probably were sitting around in the office forever. haha, But it was a good surprise.  

On Friday we helped Hermana Daisy move (the same who we made pupusas with) and it began to POUR rain.  Basically there were rivers in the streets and all her furniture was getting wet when we were loading it into the truck, and it was kind of a big mess. The power went out for a little bit, but then came back on. The next day more members came and helped to finish up.  You can never really count on the weather here this time of year.  

General Conference was really great!  During the Saturday afternoon session the power went out, then followed by a huge BOOM of thunder and rain.  It came back on in five minutes and we were able to continue. We watched all the sessions in Spanish except for the priesthood session.  We had to go to another chapel to watch and they set up a TV in English for the gringo missionaries and those who wanted to practice their English.  Elder Gomez and Elder Peña stayed with us for the English. 

Some of my favorite highlights from Conference: 

Uchtdorf: The gospel can function for anyone, we just need to focus on our love for God and he will bless us in our paths.  Then his ´´flamed´´ jokes in the priesthood session.  Our spiritual experiences may be difficult to explain in ´´worldly´´ terms, but that doesn't mean they´re not real.  Wanting to believe is the necessary first step in faith.

Larry R Lawrence: The spirit doesn't expect us to make big changes all at once, but works with us little by little.  The atonement is for everyone, saints and sinners.

Holland:  Mothers!  The love that a mother has for her child is divine and similar to the love Christ has for all of us.

I hope that you all enjoyed this wonderful General Conference and have a great week!

- Elder Burnham

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