Monday, September 28, 2015

Crazy week

This week was kind of all over the place.  It rained like crazy a few days here and my comp got sick.  He had chikungunya or something similar.  He didn't want to stop working even though his whole body ached, so it was a miracle that I convinced him to just rest and stay in the house so he could get better.  He still is a little sick, but is feeling better.  We had lots of divisions with members so my comp could stay in the house and I could work.  When we finished the week, I was surprised at how many lessons we had even though we lost a lot of time to work.  

We also had a great surprise at two in the morning on Saturday.  Our house flooded!  Since we only have running water every three days you can accidentally leave the faucet on and not know it, so the water came on at two in the morning.  My comp woke up and heard the sink on and  when he stepped out of bed and felt water on his feet, he jumped out of bed and turned the sink off and woke me up and we cleaned up the water.  It really wasn't too much, just about 1 cm of water, but in all of the rooms in the apartment.  We were also really lucky that we didn't have anything important on the floor.  One of my suitcases got a little wet and some of the t-shirts inside, but not much else.  As missionaries, we don´t have much stuff in general so there is not much to get wet.  haha 

I don't really like the apartment that we are in, but it's all good because we are moving to a different apartment on Wednesday.  It's a long story.  When we first got to our area like two months ago, our apartments got changed around, The apartments for the two areas (Sorzales and Toncontin) are both in my area.  Before we got here there were companionships of elders in the two areas. But when we got to Sorzales, they changed the elders out for sisters in Toncontin.  They got the apartment originally meant for us because it is wayyyy nicer, and we got the tiny crappy apartment for Toncontin.  But the sisters searched for a new apartment that is actually inside their area, so they would not have to walk so much, and we are going to move back into the apartment that was originally supposed to be ours.  It is so much bigger and has a real bathroom with running water all the time.  There is also a giant rooftop terrace, so I am kind of excited to move even if it might just be for a month.  We have to clean up our apartment really well before we leave, but the floors are really clean now... :)  

I also realized that in one part in my area on a hill, you can see the temple in Tegucigalpa, so that's neat.

The first counselor in the bishopric called us on Saturday night to tell us that we were giving talks on Sunday, so that was fun.  I got a really simple topic ¨What does it mean to have faith in Jesus Christ?¨  Sacrament meeting started really late so we didn't end up having to speak for very long.  But I felt like we both gave pretty good talks.  whoop!   

On Sunday night we had the baptism for Emily!  Her parents are divorced and on Saturday her mom said that she didn't want Emily to be baptized, but her dad did.  We only need the approval from one parent, but we didn't want to cause problems within the family so we planned to have the baptism a different day when he mom would give us permission.  Then later on Saturday, Emily came by and told us that her mom changed her mind and wanted her to be baptized, so we decided to have the baptism again on Sunday night.  It was a really great service and the primary presidency helped a lot with the program, we had investigators that came, but it was awkward because Emily´s mom ended up not showing up.  But it was a really beautiful service.  We have to wait two more weeks to confirm her a member because next week is general conference.   We and the bishop are going to work with the father to activate him in the church so he can participate in the confirmation.  

Yup, kinda crazy this week, but all good,

- Elder Burnham

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