Monday, October 12, 2015

rough week/fun week

This was kind of a difficult week, but we ended it today with a really fun p-day.

So last week, my companion learned that his dad had an accident at work and basically fell off a building and broke his clavicle into three parts. He needed to have a surgery on Tuesday to fix everything up.  So my comp was a little preoccupied with that.  But then on Tuesday morning, his mom calls us.  On our mission phone.  We don´t know how she got our number.  He answers the phone, and then passes it immediately to me.  So I talked with his mom for a little while.  She said that everything went well with the surgery and that his dad is fine. He just needs to stay at home and rest for a while, and won´t be able to go back to work for a while.   My comp was really glad that everything went well, but was really mad that his mom called us.  He was really frustrated because we basically broke a really big rule.  That's why he passed it to me because he didn't want to talk to her.  So that was a weird story that we had this week.  

We had a zone meeting this week, that was really good.  But the best part was that we ended it with a cake and piñata! whooo! haha.  The cake and piñata where made my ward members.  The piñata was a giant missionary name tag that had our zone name in the front. haha.  

Well, my comp got sick again this week.  He is still sick.  On Saturday and Sunday we had divisions with members so he could stay in the house and I could go out and work.  He basically has a big cold and coughs and aches.  It's a little hard because he is allergic to some medications, so he can´t take ibuprofen or others that are similar, yep.  Then the week ended with investigators that aren't progressing and no one came to church, meh.  But it's all good.  Just one step at a time.  It's a new week and my comp's health is the priority right now.

My comp stayed home with a member so I could go to the p-day activity with the zone.  We went to Picacho!  It's a national park up in the mountains outside of Tegucigalpa.  There is a zoo and gardens and a big statue of Christ, kind of like the one in Rio, Brasil.  It was really fun, and I feel a little bad that my companion couldn't go, but he didn't want me to miss out.  He will have a lot more opportunities to go in the future because he is from Honduras, haha.  

I hope you all have a great week!

- Elder Burnham

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