Monday, September 28, 2015

Honduran Independence Day (9/21/2015)

Another interesting week.  Tuesday was the Honduran Independence Day and also transfers...
such a great mix. haha.  We were not too concerned because we didn't have changes.  But we 
didn't really get that much work done because no one was home. haha.  My companion is a 
native Honduran so we had to celebrate somehow, haha.  We got flags and a little cake! Whoo! 
That day, we found out that we were finally going to have the new missionaries meeting (por 
fin) and that it was going to be combined with the even newer missionaries that just got to 
the mission that day.  

In other news we went to Wendy´s twice this week.  I was crying for joy in my head because I 
basically got to eat chocolate frosties twice this week. We went on Thursday after zone weekly planning and then we went again today. yay!

We also got new mattresses this week! Whooo! The beds in the mission are basically rocks and I just got used to sleeping on them, but my comp really hadn't been able to get any sleep because the beds were so uncomfortable.  The secretaries came by in their truck with the new mattresses from the mission and now we are sleeping much better.  

Yesterday I kind of went crazy and started throwing a corn tortilla at my comp and used it as a frisbee.  I don´t really know what happened.  

After getting that Adventure Time/Zelda shirt, my comp and I have been talking about Adventure Time all this week and he is just as obsessed as I am.  yep.  

I don´t really know what happened but Elder Gomez has been saying ´´yolo´´ all this week and I am kind of confused.  But whatever, yolo.  

The work in this area has been pretty good, we have both been just a little sick because we are out walking in the rain (don´t worry mom, I am wearing a coat and we have umbrellas haha).  
We have been teaching this little girl named Emily.  Her parents are divorced and both inactive,  but we are working with them and getting her ready for her baptism this Sunday.  
She is really intelligent and understands the lessons.  We just hope that everything will go well this week.  We have a lot of references from the youth in the ward and they always want to go out and teach with us.  Whoo!

- Elder Burnham

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