Monday, February 9, 2015

Back and Forth from Tegucigalpa (Feb 2)

So P Day was really fun.  We went to this place that I thought was some kind of animal reserve, but it is really a big tourist attraction.  It is basically a water-park and small zoo.  Obviously we couldn't go to a water-park and it was closed on Mondays.  But they let us in to see the animals for FREE.  They had all kinds of animals like monkeys, parrots, sloths, anteaters, water buffaloes and obviously iguanas.  One the employees even came and showed us around and brought out a huge boa for us to hold.  Super fun!  Later that day we ended up going to this huge thrift shop warehouse thing will all kinds of random stuff.

On Wednesday we had our multi-zone conference in Tegucigalpa.  We got to hear from President Fortuna and his wife and Elder Jose Alonzo (I think from the area 70). Super cool messages even if I didn't understand everything. haha.  

Thursday I had an intercambio (exchanges) with Elder Ochoa (one of the zone leaders).  He is super awesome and knows a decent amount of English haha.  He is a super great missionary.  

On Friday we had the baptism for our investigator L.  She is this ten year old girl who has a cousin that is a member.  She had been taught by the missionaries before us.  She is super silly and fun to teach, and half the time doesn't understand what I am saying, haha. oh well.  We almost didn't have a baptism though, for some reason the water got cut off at the church and we had no water in the font.  We made some calls and messed with some plumbing machinery stuff outside (obviously over my head). and got it back on and filled the font up with water.
No washers or dryers here.  We have to wash our clothes on this scrubbing board next to our pila, which is basically this tub of water,  and we hang them up to dry.  

I don´t know what you should put in the package haha, candy.?  I will probably think of something after you send it haha.  I currently don't have a blanket, but so far have not needed one, and its only going to get hotter in the next few months, April and May are the hottest months here.
Awesome week!  Once again I have to go back to Tegucigalpa tomorrow for a new missionary meeting.  But that means I will see the CCM missionaries!  

Have a great week!

Happy Birthday Chris! (tomorrow)


Elder Burnham

District Lunch

New Missionalries meeting with the President


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