Monday, February 9, 2015

Yep, Back to Teguc For a Conference, And Got to See My CCM Missionaries

Yep, back to Teguc! On Tuesday we had a meeting for the new missionaries and had to get up early to catch the bus.  After four hours we made it to Teguc and went to the same chapel that I first went to when I first arrived to Honduras, somewhere in the city.  I got to see my old district from the CCM (those who came to my mission).  It was fun talking to Elders Linsenmann, Tualatamalelagi, and Wickel.  They are all in areas closer to Teguc. I am the one that is super far away.  In fact, Elder Tualatamalelagi has hot water and access to laundry machines (so i am super jealous, haha).  Everyone seems to be doing great.  The meeting was really cool, and basically to see how we are all adjusting and to make sure we are using our time wisely and following the first 12 week program.  We talked about the importance of obedience and Presidente Fortuna asked us about any challenges we are having and gave his insight.  We will have another meeting in another 4 weeks. so I will get to see the CCM missionaries again and which means another trip to Teguc.

One of investigators , Javier, has some family that lives in Catacamas as well, so we went to go visit with them.  His parents, daughter, and nephew live out in this area called La Toronjal, WAY out in the middle of nowhere (still in our area).  The houses out there are made out of adobe bricks and there is no electricity or running water.  I actually really like going out there because it is really quiet and peaceful.  There is this group of children that live out there and they just follow us around and ask me to say words in English, which is really funny.  They probably don't see many gringos haha.  The family we taught (Maria, Jose, Kenya, y Misrael) are super awesome and have already come to church.  

The other branch that meets before us wanted to have their meeting at a later time, so our meeting got bumped to 1 pm, so our day yesterday seemed so off, haha.  It kinda felt like a p day since we had no proselyting time.  I kinda hope this change is not permanent.

Nothing too crazy happened this week. But it was great.  I hope you all had a great week!

Elder Burnham
Moo...  Middle of Nowhere... and still cool.


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