Monday, January 26, 2015

Dog tastes like Chicken! And our first Baptism!

Yep, that's right.  I ate dog meat this week haha.  We had lunch over at this guys house the other day and we had this really good soup.  I thought the meat was chicken until I realized the bones were definitely NOT chicken bones. haha.  Elder Wendt asked him what the meat was and he said perro!  I am pretty sure he was not joking because his kids were taking pictures of us while we were eating.

We spent the first few days of this week getting our apartment clean because President Fortuna was coming over for interviews.  Since I didn't have much time in the field and not much to say, my interview was really short.  He told me to just keep speaking the language, and it will come little by little.  He also talked about even if people have a hard time understanding me, as long as I can teach with the spirit, they will still be able to understand in that sense.  

We got invited to so many family home evenings this week.  I think we had one every night this week except for Friday.  (which means free dinner (: haha).  It´s super awesome to go to all the members homes and meet everyone.

On Saturday, our investigator Andres was baptized by Elder Dial.  He is the nephew of a family that was baptized about a month ago.  We were able to continue teaching him when we came to this area.  He is only ten years old, but he is so awesome!  

Saturday was also the ¨birthday´ of Catacamas, so lots of people were setting off fireworks. (but it´s not fun when someone sets them off at 3 in the morning haha).  

This Wednesday, we have a multi-zone conference in Tegucigalpa, so that means another 4 hour bus ride.  It should be really good though,  Hopefully I will see some CCM missionaries.  

I hope everyone had a great week!


Elder Burnham     

 The Temple

Andres getting ready for his baptism

Our Bedroom... look at the great cabinets and closets... :-)

Our Kitchen

Our Bathroom

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