Monday, February 23, 2015

¡Hola! 2/16

¡Hola! (2/16/2015)

This week was pretty normal.  We had some good days and one day where we only had one lesson, nobody was home or interested.  Oh, I have completed my first change! (every six weeks) which means that I am half way through my training.  Crazy how time flies by.  

Last P-Day we had a little birthday party for our zone leaders (Elder Rodriguez and Elder Ochoa) because they both have birthdays in
February.  We had a piñata and played UNO at the church. Elder Torres and I also bought a hammock! Now we just need to find out where to put it haha!

Something I realized this week is that I need to work on teaching the plan of salvation lesson, because I kinda blanked out when teaching this week! haha.  Elder Torres was able to take over. haha.  I need to refresh myself on the vocabulary, I also have the least experience teaching that lesson out the the main 3.  But it's all good! 

On Friday as a district we got up early and climbed la cruz!  There is a giant cross on one of the hills in Catacamas with a long staircase that leads up to it.  Nice views from up there.  

Saturday we went back to La Toronjal to teach Maria and Jose again.  They were making tamales and Elder Torres tried to learn how to fold the leaves up.  We took some pictures and Maria was kinda freaking out because she thought the camera was going to steal her soul or something haha!

Our landlord put these tiny little fish in our pila! They are supposed to eat the mosquito larvae and algae and keep the pila clean.  So now we have three pet fish!

Esta obra a veces es dificil, ¡pero es increible! ¡Espero que ustedes tienen una semana fantastica!  ¡Adios!

- Elder Burnham
Making Tamales

the top of  La Cruz!


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