Saturday, January 3, 2015

1 Week Left!

1 Week Left! (actually Danny is leaving for Honduras this Tuesday Jan 6th at 2:30AM in the morning)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I leave the CCM next week!  Tomorrow is the last day of 2014! Wow!

On Wednesday (Christmas eve day) Hermano Hurtado came back!  He took some time off because he just got married.  For TRC we taught district 5C instead.  The focus of the lesson was to teach about the Book of Mormon, but I threw a little Christmas twist into it and shared about the birth of Jesus Christ.  There is a really good scripture in Alma 7 about Jesus´s birth and the atonement.  In the evening we had our Christmas concert.  All the missionaries sang in groups of two zones. At the end, the CCM choir sang Oh Holy Night (La Santa Noche).

Thursday was Christmas!  Before breakfast we had our secret Santa gift exchange, which mainly consisted of candy, cookies and ties.  We also had a service project where we made blankets to donate to a local men´s shelter.  We got to call home too!  There was some technical difficulties with my computer so the first three calls didn't quite go through.  I could hear my parents, but they could not hear me.  We eventually got it to work!  It was really nice to talk with my family even if it was only for 30 minutes.  We had lots of devotionals and they also let us watch Meet the Mormons in the evening.

The day after Christmas was pretty normal.  It was kinda hard getting back into the normal schedule after Christmas.  Saturday was also another routine day.  When we were teaching Enya, she asked us about the ten commandments and referred to ¨thou shalt not kill¨and then asked us about why Nephi kills Laban in the book of Mormon.  That was fun trying to answer in Spanish, but I think we did a pretty good job. haha.

I actually gave a talk on Sunday!  This was our last regular sacrament meeting, so it was my last chance to speak.  I wrote my talk on prayer, more specifically on the commandment to pray often.  Elder Linsenmann and I also got to bless the sacrament, which was fun since I haven´t really done that since I was a priest in my home ward.  The rest of the day were more devotionals and movies.

Today is our last P-day at the CCM.  We got our itinerary for our missions.  We have to leave the CCM next Tuesday at 2:30 am and our flight is at 5:40. we then have a layover in El Salvador.  I have been designated as Travel Leader and have to make sure all six of us flying to Honduras make it there in one piece.  It´s crazy! We only have one more week here. Time is going by so fast.

I love you all so much and hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

- Elder Burnham

All in Purple

Our District

Falling out of the tree...

It's a bird, it's a plane... Oh,  it's a volleyball.

Our Christmas Tree....

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