Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas is in TWO DAYS!


Another week has gone by! Christmas is this Thursday! I only have two weeks left in the CCM!

On Wednesday we taught our new investigator ¨Joana¨.  I was a little nervous about teaching her because according to her bio, she is an easily angered Atheist who doesn't tolerate her extremely Catholic family.  The lesson went a lot better than I thought.  She was nice to us and she was already familiar with the church because her sister is a member.  When teaching new people, we tend to put our focus on the importance of families and prayer.

We also got new roommates  this week.  One of them (Elder Barros) is from Brazil and he said he had been to California before. He went to Anaheim, so I assume he went to Disneyland.

We then had our second TRC in the evening.  This lady that we taught was really nice and kept asking us where we were going on our missions, along with the rest of our district.  During  gym time, our zone usually plays volleyball.  It's fun to have bare feet on the sand, but it also makes me miss the beach, haha!

Thursday night some elders had a tie trade.  Everyone brings their ties and swaps with each other.  So I brought my two least favorite ties and ended up with some ones that I liked better. Yup.

On Friday we taught Joana again and focused this time on the importance of faith and how to develop her faith.  The Internet was down on Friday so we didn´t have to do TALL.  We also got to meet the new district in our zone.  Lots of them are going on missions in California, and I think at least two are going to San Jose.

On Saturday we had a really good district study in Alma 32. So much good information on faith.

I still didn't get called on to speak on Sunday, but its okay because the MTC president and a member of the area seventy came to our meeting along with their families.  That means I will probably have to speak next week.  We had two great devotionals and watched the restoration movie as well.  We have a big music performance on Christmas Eve.  Our zone and zone 7 are singing two songs, and I am also in the CCM choir and we are going to sing O Holy Night (in Spanish). Fun stuff!

Monday we taught Joana for the last time, but after the lesson Hermana Arno (Joana) gave us some good information on how to better improve our teaching, she also told us that we were the strongest companionship in the district when it comes to teaching.  (But who knows if she said that to the other companionships in our district). In the afternoon, we played Red Light Green Light (Luz Rojo Luz Verde) and those who got sent back to the line had to say a sentence in the Imperfect tense.  Hermana Velazquez likes making our lessons a little more exciting because she told us her experience in the CCM was really boring.

For Christmas, our district is having a secret Santa, so we all exchanged names. There isn't much selection for gifts since we can only shop at the CCM tienda.  So we will probably end up with a lot of junk food and ties.  It´s also kinda tricky shopping for Christmas presents for your companion. haha.  Christmas day should be fun since we won´t have any classes. Instead we will have devotionals and movies all day.

I got the package!  But I won´t open it until Christmas.  :)  I hope that everyone back home has a wonderful Christmas!

- Elder Burnham

Photos and Stuff:
One of my sketches based on a picture from one of the pamphlets

I live in the apartments, but these are the Casas where some of the other missionaries live.  It looks like a little neighborhood.

The colorful houses outside the walls

The giant lego hands (I seriously don´t know what these are).

More pictures from our temple trip

Our Zone (from a few weeks ago).  Half of them are already out in the field.

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