Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mexico City Temple - Email #2

Another good week here at the CCM.  Our "Investigator" turned out to be one of our teachers.  Hermana Velasques.  Apparently at the CCM, the first person you teach is revealed to be your teacher in the afternoon.  We were so surprised when she came into our classroom and told us she was our new teacher.  So in the mornings we have Hermano Hurtado and in the afternoons we have Hermana Velasques.  And now both of them are going to be new "investigators" that we have to teach. But now we only have to teach 20 minute lesson instead of 40 minutes.

On Friday, Elder Linsenmann and I got to lead our Book of Mormon discussion in class.  We chose 2 Nephi 32 and 33, which focuses on the importance of the Holy Spirit and the power that it can give us. These chapters also talked about the importance of praying for others. I also realized that when you are on your mission, Fridays lose their excitement.  Now Sundays and P-days are the "weekends".

Saturday we had a stress management class that mostly consisted of going outside and doing random exercises and coloring pictures with our names and missions to put on our classroom door. haha.  But we also talked about making sure not do be too hard on yourself and making sure you get enough food and sleep.

Random side note:  At the CCM there are lots of palm trees and those little green parrots flying around and I think that it´s really cool! And sometimes the hills catch on fire, but they are usually small and burn themselves out.

I think that Sundays are my favorite day at the CCM.  We had a testimony meeting and I was able to bear my testimony in Spanish!  (even if I had a little note card).  I also had the opportunity to teach the lesson in District meeting.  I focused on scriptures that talked about having a foundation in Christ.  Pretty much the rest of the day are devotionals.  I think we had three of them.  We got to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional broadcast.  But I think that my favorite part of the day was hearing all the testimonies of my district members in the evening.  They are all such amazing people.

For P-Day, we got to go on a field trip to the Mexico City Temple. It was awesome to ride the bus through the city since we don´t really see much of it while inside the CCM.  Since the temple was closed, we got to take a tour of the visitor's center and walk around the grounds. They also have a neat little gift shop.  It´s a really big temple and they have a really nice visitors center.  The Missionaries that serve at the visitors center gave us the tour.  I hope that I can visit the inside of the temple sometime after the remodeling and construction is done.

Some things are difficult, but everything is great!

Have a great week!

- Elder Burnham


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