Saturday, December 20, 2014

Half Way Done! Email #3

I only have three more weeks at the CCM! Time flies!

On Wednesday we taught a lot of lessons.  We taught our investigator Gabriel in the morning and then in the afternoon we had TRC´s, so we had to teach two random people for 20 minutes each.  It was pretty fun.  One of the guys we taught was one of the workers at our dormitorio so we already knew him.  In the lesson we asked him what he knew about our church, and jokingly he said, ¨you have lots of wives and your church has lots of money¨,  so that was fun to try to respond to that in Spanish.  Since my companion is not quite as comfortable in the language as I am, I end up doing a lot of the talking in the lessons.

So, Friday was Dia de la Virgen Guadalupe (or something like that), so on Thursday and Friday, there were A LOT of fireworks going off throughout the day and music playing.  It was pretty cool, but very loud!

Friday morning was not a fun time.  I think my stomach decided not to agree with my breakfast, so I ended throwing up and missing part of our morning classes.  I pretty much felt better immediately after, but we went to the enfermeria and the doctor gave me some Dramamine and crackers.  I never needed it, but I guess it´ll be nice to have if I ever get sick again.  The rest of the day I was fine.

Saturday night we had an awesome program!  A local dancing group came and performed a Christmas program for the missionaries.  They were all wearing the traditional outfits and dresses.  There were some really little kids dancing too and they were so cute. At the end of the show they even had fireworks on the stage. I was surprised that the CCM allowed that!  haha   It was awesome to have some sort of cultural experience, since we don´t ever step foot into the city.

I prepared a talk for Sunday and didn't get called on again.  Our sacrament meeting topic was on Christlike attributes.  It´s almost disappointing when you prepare a talk and then don´t even get to share it. haha

On Monday I realized that there are only ten more days till Christmas. It doesn't feel like Christmas here even though there are decorations everywhere and we have been singing Christmas songs for the last two weeks.  But I am excited!

We will have a sub for a week in place of Hermano Hurtado, because he is getting married.  Since the Mexico City temple is closed, they have to travel a few hours away to the next temple.

We do our service projects on Mondays, and we had the glorious job of cleaning toilets!  Fun stuff!  In the evening, we had FHE (Family Home Evening, or Noche de Hogar) with our zone.  There are now only two districts in our zone.  We ended up playing pictionary on the whiteboard in our classroom.

Today, we are getting new roommates in our apartment.  Our other roommates left last week, so we had the apartment to ourselves, but now we will have to share again. haha

Over all a pretty good week!  Lots to do!  Lots to learn!

Love you guys!

- Elder Burnham

CCM Palm trees

Christmas Creche

 Christmas Lights

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