Saturday, October 8, 2016

Unexpected Changes!

My last transfer is going to be a busy one!  So let me explain the changes that are going to happen in the district.  I am staying for a fourth transfer and my companion is leaving.  I am now the district leader, and the other area in our ward has been closed.  So now my area is twice the size and we need to meet all these new investigators that once belonged to the other companionship.  My new companion will be Elder Gallegos from Ecuador.  This will be exciting!  
General Conference was really great!  I really liked Uchtdorf´s and Holland´s talks.  Uchtdorf basically explained the entire plan of salvation, that will be cool to share in lessons.
On Friday we had a talent show/culture night in the ward.  I sang a hymn, whoo! haha  It was fun, there was a lot of singing and dancing and skits.  It was really funny, because by the end, it turned into a karaoke party, a ton of members all of the sudden had the desire to sing and dedicate the songs to their wives and stuff. haha  
I almost forgot to mention that we moved apartments! We had problems with the plumbing in the old apartment and we ended up with no water at all.  We would have to go downstairs and fill up a bucket of water to bathe.  So we were really tired of living without water, so we moved.  Our new apartment is behind the house of a family of members.  We are the first people to live in the apartment, so it is new!  We have water constantly!  There is also a rooftop terrace that has probably one of the best views in the city overlooking everything!  
I am really excited to work really hard this transfer, hope that everything goes well!
- Elder Burnham

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