Saturday, October 8, 2016

So this has been a fun week. (08/29/16)

Hello!  So this has been a fun week.  I am with my new companion Elder Rodriguez.  He is from El Salvador and has the same amount of time on the mission as I do.  Which means that I will most likely leave this area the next transfer because we can't finish the mission in the same area at the same time haha.  He is a really good teacher,  he is so direct and good at asking inspired questions.  Hopefully we make this transfer really awesome.  

This week we have been working really hard and finding new people.  We found this one family that has like 11 people and they were just swarming us with questions!  Not attacking us, but just genuinely curious.  That was fun.  

We have been getting a ton of rain this week!  Yesterday it was raining almost all day and we got soaked! We were also able to take refuge in the houses of members while it was coming down like crazy.  haha.  Good thing we live on a large hill and the water runs down, because  other parts of the city have been dealing with flooding issues.  

I have become the cat whisperer because sometimes when we are outside in the streets, I will make meow sounds (I know, I am kind of strange) and other cats will meow back and come out looking for where the sound was coming from! haha  

We have also been trying to have more Family Home Evenings with the members so they can have more confidence in us and help us out with the missionary work.  And plus they will be more likely to invite us over for dinner ;)

Yep!  Have a great week!

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