Thursday, March 3, 2016

Getting contacts, Teaching English 02/15/16

Hello!  This week went by really fast and I am trying to remember all that happened, haha. 

We ran into a family and another lady who are members, but recently moved to our area.  When we were walking out of our neighborhood, WE got contacted by a family in their car.  They rolled down their windows and called out to us. They asked us where the church was and what time it started.  Basically what every missionary dreams of haha.  The wife told us that she and her daughter are members, but the husband is not.  We went to go visit them the next day.  They are really awesome.  They moved to Tegucigalpa about a month ago because of his work.  They were pretty inactive in the church, but wanted to come again.  Even the husband (Gustavo) said he would come to church.  

A different night we contacted this one lady on the street and she told us that she works for a family in their house and that the grand daughter of this family wanted to talk to us.  We went over the next day and it turned out that she (Jenny) recently moved in with her grandparents to work and go to the university in Tegucigalpa just two weeks before. She is also a member, but the lady we contacted originally was a little interested in the church.  So that was kind of neat.  

Jeremy (Jina´s son) and Omar (his neighbor) started learning English in their classes, so we went and had a little English lesson with them before we taught a missionary lesson. That was kind of fun. Hopefully we keep that up.  

We are also pretty excited to go teach Jose David (Jina´s other son) some more.  He is the one who is mute and partially deaf.  He loves going to church and all the activities.  We just need to find the best way to teach simple doctrine.  We have been trying to come up with more visual aids to teach and use some kind of makeshift sign language (I don´t really know anything haha). 

On P-day we went back to Ojojona because why not.  It´s nice to go to a pueblo after being in the city for so long.  We found this little art museum there and they had some neat paintings.  There was this one artist I liked in particular and I asked one of the people there about him.  And they were like, "yeah...he died, you´re not going to see any more paintings from him" and then I was a little sad... 

Saturday night was kind of weird.  It seemed like everyone was avoiding us and we didn´t end up teaching the people we had planned.  But it was alright because Sunday was amazing!  The chapel was packed.  It is was the highest church attendance had ever been since my time in that ward.  We had investigators and lots of less actives who came.  The new family that we found this week all came!  We have been working with this less active family who had not been to church in months and months.  The dad and his two kids came!  He had been out of work for a while and the day he comes back to church, he got TWO job offers.  He had to pick the better of the two.  Miracles!  

Hope you all had a great week and happy valentines day!

- Elder Burnham

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