Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Two Weeks of Busy, Crazy, Incredible 02/08/16

Hello! I am going to try to cram like two weeks worth of content into this email.

Whoo hoo! Super Bowl.  I honestly would not have paid a ton of attention to the Super Bowl even if I was home, but I am so out of the loop here that I didn't even know that it happened only 30 minutes from my house. haha.  Sounds like the half-time show was pretty good though.  

Last Monday, Elder Rivadeneira left the office officially and Elder Johnson finished his training as the new membership secretary.  He has been a really awesome companion and he is my second American companion (he is from Utah).  

Last week we finished all the multi zone conferences.  I ended up missing the first part of my conference because we had some immigration emergencies.  Sandra called me and told me that two certificates to be able to take out missionaries' residencies were going to expire in two days, so we ended up scrambling around to make sure we could take these missionaries to immigration before the expiration date.  We had to strategically plan the two days we had so that the missionaries would not miss their multi zone conferences.  We had one group go on Wednesday and the other on Thursday.  Everything worked out in the end, like it usually seems to do.  

The next night after the conference, a ton of missionaries got really sick and were throwing up, and it turned out that they got food poisoning from the meal we had at the conference.  oops..We kept getting notification after notification that missionaries were really sick.  Including Elder Bingham.  The rest of us in the office didn´t get sick though.  

On Saturday (Jan 30), President had some important meeting with all the bishops and stake presidents in the mission.  So on Friday night we were all in the office working like crazy preparing all kinds of presentations and graphs and data about the missionary statistics in every ward/branch and stake/district for 2014 and 2015.  So we were in the office SUPER late getting all of that ready.  We were all starving and we jokingly asked President if we could go to Denny´s (because it was the only place open) and he said YES.  I was so surprised. I think he felt kind of bad for making us stay in the office so late.  He told us to be careful. haha.  So here we were, six missionaries eating at Denny's at 2:00 am in Tegucigalpa.  And this was a brand new Denny´s that they opened near the airport.  It had only been open for a few days.  And that was about the time that all the food poisoning took effect.  Elder Bingham got to break in the brand new toilet in the Denny´s bathroom.  So that was a really interesting night.  

Also on Saturday, we were able to go to the Temple.  It had been 7 months since the last time I went, so that was really refreshing.  Elder Johnson and Elder De La Rosa both brought family names to the temple. so that was really cool to help them out.  We even got to do initiatories. That was really cool,  because I hadn't done that in a really long time.  And it was in Spanish.  Brother Matkin (the new couple missionaries from Canada) was in charge of the session, so it was cool  to see him.  I love going to the temple because there is such a strong spirit and I always get motivated to work harder in the mission field.   

When we left the temple, there was an IMMENSE traffic jam on the highway.  To the point where people would turn there cars off because no one was moving for ten minutes at a time.  After almost three hours, Elder Johnson and I decided to just walk home.  We weren't too far and it would have been much faster.  I don´t really know why, but the highways in Honduras have nice paved sidewalks on the highways, like it is a normal thing to walk down the highway.  We got back to the house in like 25 minutes and the other elders got home about 15 minutes after us.  They somehow managed to get the truck over the median on the highway, and drove the other way and found anther route home. haha.  The rest of the cars remained stuck on the highway.  We found out the next day the cause of the traffic.  The trailer of a huge semi-truck somehow skidded off the truck and fell on top of a car and completely crushed it.  The two people in the car were both killed.  So that was kind of scary.  

On Saturday we had the baptism for Jina and her son Manuel!!!  Everything was going perfectly well until they arrived.  We realized we didn't have any baptismal clothing that would work for her.  So were were kind of just sitting there for a while like...what do we do.  Then Elder Bingham had the idea to stop by the temple and ask the Christensens to find a temple dress that would work.  They ran by and were able to pick it up.  We ended up starting the baptism an hour late, but everything after went really well.  It was a really great service.  Elder Rivadeneira was able to come and do the ordinance for Jina.   She bore such an incredible testimony. She and her family are such great people.  It was amazing to see so many things fall into place so fast for this to happen.  She received so much guidance from our Heavenly Father and so much help from the members in the ward.  so many miracles!  

This has honestly been the start of a really good transfer.  There have been so many things happening.  A new companion, two new secretaries and a new assistant in the office, a new (and really motivated) ward mission leader, and the trip to the temple.  We have been working harder in our area and have been really seeing some potential.  We are meeting so many new incredible people.  Things seem really good right now.

Have a great week!  I hope all you football people enjoyed the Super Bowl.  

- Elder Burnham


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