Thursday, March 17, 2016

Another transfer in the Office

Hello!  I will try to sum up all the random events that happened to me within the last two weeks, but they might not be in any specific order.  

We have transfers in the mission tomorrow!  I am staying in the office for another transfer, which I am excited about.  

I have been making a lot of trips in Immigration to get all these missionaries inscribed.  I got to take out MY OWN residency! por fin!  Don´t worry, we all have been here in Honduras legally all this time, we just are officially getting our ID cards soon.  I will have physical proof that I am a (temporary) Honduran citizen, haha.  I am not going to lie, immigration is a really unorganized place, but it was nice to get a whole bunch of residency work done.  There was this one guy at immigration that looked a little lost and didn´t know what line he was supposed to be in.  He looked like an American, so one of the missionaries talked to him in English, but he kept responding in Spanish.  I later talked to him, and he told me he didn´t know English.  He knew French and Spanish.  So maybe he was from France or Canada or something.  It is always interesting who you will run into at immigration.  

The other night we had to take a taxi home and there was a ton of traffic.  The taxi drivers drive like crazy people here, but at the same time they know exactly what they are doing.  So the many times we thought we were going to die, he justifies himself by telling us how much time we saved (we were fine, they just drive a little scary here).  

We were contacting in this apartment complex last week and we came across a really positive group of people.  It is always that last door you decide to knock on.  These four sisters live together and two of them (Emelina and Evelyn) are really interested.  They both came to church last Sunday and loved it.  We keep leaving them with assignments to read in the scriptures and they always read them.  This week, in the pueblo where their family is from, two of there uncles were murdered, and so it has been a really hard time for the whole family.  But they have been reading the Book of Mormon and have been able to apply what they have learned to find more peace in their lives.  I am so glad that we found them this week, because I feel like we were able to help them find a little more strength and peace in their lives during this difficult trial. 

We also taught a Jewish family this week!  The father actually contacted US in the street because he has been doing a lot of work with his family history and knew that we have  We went to the church to use the computer and help him make a familysearch account.  Good thing that Elder Johnson was a family history consultant for two years in his ward before the mission, because I honestly don´t know anything about it haha.  He and his two kids came to the church and we showed him how to use the website and a little about temples.  

Yesterday we had this broadcast to the Central America area with Elder Anderson.  He spoke in Spanish, with kind of a funny accent.  Spanish is like his fourth language, so he is a lot stronger in French and Portugues.  So he kind of got to a point where he was speaking some words with kind a french accent.  It was kind of interesting, haha.  But the messages were also really good.  They focused a lot on the importance of Temples and finding family names.  They also talked about the growth of the church in Africa.  

P-Day ended up being really fun.  We went to centro in Tegucigalpa and found another museum that I wanted to go to! Museo de la Identidad Nacional.  It was a museum about the history of Hondruas.  I don´t know why, but it ended up being free that day, so that was a plus.  In the museum, they had this virtual tour of the ancient ruins in Copán (which are not in our mission limits ):   ) So that was really neat.  The one thing that I didn´t like about the museum was that the main exhibition hall was covered with paragraphs and paragraphs and text ALL over the walls.  You would be in there for hours and hours if you stopped to read everything.  So maybe we didn´t end up learning too much, but it was cool looking at all the ancient artifacts.  This museum was in a really cool part of the city that I had not been to very much.  It was this cool artsy up and coming part of the city, where there are a lot of museums and street performers and stuff. There was this one part outside of the museum where they had thousands of these three liter bottles of soda filled with different colored liquids to make patterns in the air.  Super neat way to use plastic bottles.  We will have to go back, because there are more little museums and old cathedrals to go see!

Have a great week!

- Elder Burnham


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