Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Great week! Feeling refreshed with a new companion! Whoo!

June 22 2015
This week went by really fast, and tomorrow we have transfers.  My
companion is leaving, and I am staying.  Tomorrow I will meet my new
companion. whoo!

On Tuesday, we had a cleaning check and President and Hermana Fortuna
came to our house.  Our house was pretty clean because we had some extra
time to clean up while Elder Solano was sick.  But we have kind of an
infestation of roly polys in our house.  They just kind of come in and then die
so I am always sweeping up dead bugs. Kinda strange haha.  

Thursday I had intercambios with Elder Gonzalez  (the other Elder Gonzalez)
((I don´t know if that really clarifies anything))  He has the same time as me in
the mission and has been in this area his whole time, so he has had lots of
intercambios in Zambrano.  We were able to visit a lot of our investigators
and also explore some new parts of my area.  Fun stuff. 

Carlos and Alba showed us around some parts of Zambrano near their house
in the forest.  It was super pretty, we got to walk around and explore a little bit.

The Hermanas in Zambrano had some investigators who got married and baptized
this weekend, which was really fun.  Their investigator even got an actual wedding
dress and had lots of decorations.  They asked me to try to play the ¨Bridal March¨
on the keyboard when she entered, haha, I tried my best.  It was fun. 

Today we had an activity with Presidente for p'day. We went to Tegucigalpa and
watched Meet the Mormons in Spanish.  I got to see Elder Bradshaw and Elder
Linsemann again.  My investigator Lurbin, from Catacamas got baptized last weekend!
Super exiting!

It was a good week, vamos a ver los cambios mañana! Adios!

- Elder Burnham

June 26 2015
I survived the first week after transfers! haha.  We had lots of changes this
transfer for a number of reasons.  We are in transition of mission presidents,
and about 18 missionaries finished and only 2 came in.  6 areas were closed
(including the area I opened in Catacamas 6 months ago).  District Zambrano,
now named District Jardines, is led by Elder Gonzalez (I went on interchanges
with him in the past) in his area, Jardines/Divino Paraiso.  Yep!

My new companion is super great. His name is Elder Alvarado and he is from
Costa Rica (there are only two missionaries from this country in the whole
mission).  He has about 17 months in the mission, and was companions with
Elder Bradshaw.  He is a really good cook so that's a plus, haha.  He also likes
to sing American music and beatbox haha.  Its always nice to have a new
companion because you can learn so much from a different person's approach
to missionary work.  This should be a really good change.  We are going to work
really hard with our current investigators and find more people to teach. 

This week we spent a lot of time to let Elder Alvarado meet everyone and learn
the area. We also had some service opportunities this week.  One member basically
had us clean up her backyard, and we helped clean up the chapel for church the
next day. 

We had another wedding!  Dani and Sandra.  He is a member, but she is not.  We
finally got everything ready and had the wedding at the church building on Saturday. 
The only problem was that the lawyers were an hour and a half late...but besides that,
everything went well.  We are going to have her baptism next week! 

This week we had Carlos come with his weedwhacker and destroy the jungle we had
in our yard.  haha. 

This morning I saw a billboard in Tegucigalpa for a movie called Terremoto!
(Earthquake) with a picture of a giant tsunami about to crash over the Golden Gate
Bridge in San Francisco. haha  Let me know how cheesy this movie ends up to be.

Great week! Feeling refreshed with a new companion!  Whoo!

- Elder Burnham

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