Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!  On the 3rd, I remembered ¨Oh tomorrow is 4th of July¨ 
but I completely forgot about it the next day! haha.  Whoops.  This was a 
super interesting week.  We had 1/2 interchanges on Wednesday.  The zone 
leaders came to our area and we had divisions, then at about 5pm we split 
for interchanges.  I went with Elder Dunn back to his area to work.  He works 
in Tegucigalpa, which was fun because this was my first time working in the 
city.  And also my first time being in the city at night.  It's super cool to see
it all lit up at night.  

Tegucigalpa kind of reminds me of San Francisco, except dirtier, poorer, 
and less safe. haha.  But the city is built on a whole bunch of hills and all the 
houses are connected together.  That evening I noticed that my legs were 
super stiff.  That night I woke up at two in the morning and my whole body 
ached.  The next day I returned to Zambrano and stayed in the house all day.  
I think that I had chikungunya or something similar.  All of my joints hurt and 
I had a fever. poooo.   On Friday we had a zone meeting, and we kept that 
day simple by only going to that and returning to the house because I 
needed to recover haha. By Saturday I was back to normal whoo hoo!
Sunday morning before church we had the baptism for Sandra!!!  She is the 
wife of the couple that got married last weekend.  We were the 6th pair of 
missionaries to teach her and she finally made the decision to get baptized! 
We will get to meet our new president this week!   This email is a little shorter 
because my keyboard is driving me absolutely nuts!!! haha. 
- Elder Burnham 

From last week

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