Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year! 01/05/16

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!  Yeah that was all a week ago and stuff.  I hope everyone had a good time.  Yup.  I got to eat two more times with the Christensen´s for Christmas and New Years.  The AP´s were invited for Christmas dinner, but one of them was busy in the office and couldn´t go, and that whole mission companion thing meant that someone else had to go.  Oh darn, I guess I had to go eat Elder Luquez´s meal and visit the Christensen´s haha.  We had the traditional ham with mashed potatoes and other delicious things. We were all invited the second time for New Years and had teriyaki chicken and rice. They like to cook things that you won´t come across in Honduras. 

We were just in our house on New Year's eve, but everyone in the world was setting off firecrackers and fireworks the whole night.  We have a pretty decent view from the house and the world went crazy at midnight. haha.   P-day was really boring because we didn´t really do anything. haha.  But P-day LAST week was pretty fun.  We went down to Sabana Grande and they have this little zoo.  They had lions and mountain lions and other neat animals.  I always find it so funny when I see a raccoon in a zoo as if it were some kind of rare or exotic animal.    

We are teaching this lady Jina, and her three sons, who are all teenagers.  I love them all.  She basically grew up going to church, but never really kept up with it, never was baptized.  She is one of those investigators that already feels like a member.  In fact, the second counselor in the bishopric thought she was a member and took her out of class so he could look for her records.  They had no luck. haha.  Her middle son is mute, so that has created an interesting perspective on how we should teach and communicate with him.  At first I thought that he was just a really quiet guy, but then I realized that he actually can´t speak.  Awkward on my part, but he is really awesome.  We talked to their neighbor and he ended up knowing Elder Torres (my trainer) when he was in this area. Neat.  

Yep, that´s all I can think of in this moment. haha.  Have a great week.  

Elder Burnham
P.S.  Tomorrow I will complete one year in the mission field. what?



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