Sunday, December 6, 2015

Happy December

Hello!  Happy first day of December! I got the packages yesterday!  I took out the santa hats, but I saved everything else to open on Christmas day! haha.

We had kind of a funny experience on Sunday.  Normally on Sundays, one of the counselors in the mission presidency takes our truck, but this Sunday nobody needed the truck so we drove it to church.  When we showed up to the chapel, there were no chairs!  There would be nowhere for anyone to sit during sacrament meeting.  What happened was that all of the chairs in our church were in another chapel because we had a stake conference the week before in the stake center.  So we took the truck to the stake center and filled it up with our chairs and took them back to our chapel.  If we didn't have the truck that day, we wouldn´t have been able to bring all the chairs back.  Miracle!

Another truck story!  We went to fill up the truck with gas and one of the workers at the gas station (self service gas stations don´t exist in Honduras) said, ´´oh you guys are from the church of Jesus Christ of latter-time kings right?´´ los reyes de los últimos tiempos.  He was close, but that just isn´t quite the name of our church haha.  

In the office, just kind of for fun, we got some copies of the book of Mormon in Portuguese.  SO I got my own copy and I am going to start studying Portuguese in my free time.  I even started using Duolingo haha.  I have the website set up in Spanish learning Portuguese so I can practice the both languages at the same time. I just hope I don´t mess my brain up by doing that. haha.  

I started looking up things that we could do on p-days since we are in the city and have a car, so I found the National Gallery of Art which just happened to be like 2 or 3 miles from the office.  I convinced everyone to go, but when we get there the security guy tells us that this exhibit was moved to Comayagua 16 months ago... :(  Comayagua is another city about two hours away, and it makes sense because it is more of a tourist hub than Tegucigalpa.  We decided to go to the Basilica de Suyapa which is this huge, old, Catholic cathedral.  I had always seen it from a distance, but had never gone up close or even inside.  It was incredible!  It had a ton of these huge stained glass windows and there weren't any services going on so we weren´t disturbing anything.  Elder Bingham and I had to test out the acoustics in there so we sang a few church hymns! haha.  (hopefully a video coming soon).  The echo was really cool.  

We did part two of the pepper challenge this week. haha.  I forgot to ask what kind of pepper it was, it was a tiny little red pepper.  I was surprised that it was not nearly as spicy as the jalapeño. haha.  These members kept telling us that it would be way spicier.  haha.  I survived yet again. 

Today we went to the immigration offices to take out residencies of missionaries.  The immigration offices are like going to the DMV... You have to wait and wait and wait. haha, but everything ended up going pretty smoothly.  

We are teaching this guy named Fernando, and he is really cool.  He basically is a member, but hasn't gotten baptized.  He goes to church all the time and participates in all the activities. Some of his family on his mom´s side are members, but his dad and his family are not.  He is 17, so we are hoping there won´t be any complications with permission. We also started teaching his friend Dennison, and he has also come to church the last few weeks.
Love Elder Burnham
Here is a Video


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