Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Danny is a Secretary/11/02/15 and 11/09/15

We got 2 really short emails from Danny after he was transferred to the mission office to be a secretary. Hopefully we will hear more soon.......

From 11/02/15

So, as I mentioned last week, I had transfers on Tuesday.  So we made it to the transfers meeting all safe and sound and I´m just sitting in the meeting with all the other missionaries while one of the assistants is giving some announcements.

¨We would like to thank Elder Gonzalez for his service in the office and would like to call Elder Burnham as the new General Secretary.¨  

Yeah, I am the new general secretary for the mission and there were no phone calls before transfers to inform me of this. haha.  I have been pretty busy this week learning all of my responsibilities and working, I should have more time to write a general email this week, because now I have a desk with my own computer! 

Life has been pretty crazy and different especially now that I won´t be doing nearly as much normal proselyting missionary work.  Its been a little stressful, but I am getting the hang of things.  

I love you both so much, and I should be able to send more emails later this week.  

- Elder Burnham

ps, I did get the package.  I should have gotten it earlier, but the secretaries held it in the office because they knew that I was coming.

From 11/09/15

The finance secretary is Elder Bingham, we have really similar names so sometimes things get a little mixed up.  For example in the mission bulletin from April, it showed up as Elder Bingham having a birthday, when it should have said my name.  Today he got an email from his dad that said that his uncle served a mission in Japan (Elder Bingham as well) and that there was a sister Burnham (Aunt Kim served her mission in Japan right? in the 80´s?) He said that there was a mistake where she was receiving his money for the mission and he wasn't getting anything, haha.    I thought that was a funny story,

ahh I use a computer all day but I run out of time to write home. I'll try to get better at that and will try to get to all your questions.  

I love you guys! 

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