Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Happy Halloween 10/31/16

This week was really great, we had the visit with Elder Dallin H Oaks, and it was soo great.  It was super spiritual, but then every now and then he would crack some jokes.  
"Don't worry about home, focus on the work,  Forget about your girlfriend...she will marry someone else.    And forget about the elections in the United States....I wish I could forget..."

He taught us about Moroni 10:4 which asks us to question God with faith in Christ, with a sincere heart, and with real intent.  He taught us that real intent is the most important part of those three because it means that we will ACT upon the answer that we receive from God.  We can have faith and a sincere heart, but if we don't act upon the impressions we receive from the spirit, the first two don't help us too much.

He also taught us that we need to make goals that depend on OUR agency, too often we make the mistake of making goals that depend on the agency of other people.  

We are here to convert the people to the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ and not here to convert people just to be members of the church.  

On Sunday we spoke in Sacrament meeting.  I got called to speak about the plan of salvation, but focused my talk on our responsibility as members of the church to teach the gospel to others so they will know how to put in practice the plan of salvation.  

So they don't celebrate Halloween in Honduras, but I hope that everyone else had a spooky time!

- Elder Burnham

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