Friday, August 19, 2016

My little balcony garden in coming along pretty well... 08/08/16

We got some rain this week, but mostly in the night, the hurricane did not attack us! haha  We got more water last p day when we had a water balloon fight with the zone!

We also had a zone meeting this week.  It was really great.  I really like how my zone leaders know how to do a simple, but inspiring zone meeting.  We don´t need to be in a super complicated long meeting to be motivated to work hard.  We really focused on using time more efficiently and focusing on finding new families. 

This week in general I felt like we just kept contacting old people! haha Maybe we will end up with a teaching pool of mostly seniors! 

The elders that we living with us asked us to help them paint their new apartment.  So we all went and started painting their new house.  I think they ended up moving in too soon and the land lord wanted to paint the apartment, so we were able to help out with that.

Our old (fake) investigator decided that she wanted to progress all of the sudden and wants to get baptized soon and wants to have her baby that was born three months ago presented in the ward, so that was neat.  I say fake investigator because she really is a member, but since her record was never put into the system, she has to get baptized again to officially be considered a member.  If she doesn't have a record, she won't be able to receive ward callings or get temple recommends and such.  She had been inactive for a while, but wants to go to church again.  Yay!  

My little balcony garden in coming along pretty well too, I´ll send some pictures! 

Have a great week!

- Elder Burnham


our zone!

tomatoes and green peas!  

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